Getting started

Welcome to the Tutorfair community. Below is a simple guide to how to get started learning through Tutorfair.

Find great tutors

Find great tutors

Find tutors by entering the subject you're interested in and your postcode. After clicking search you'll get a list of tutors who teach that subject and are available to travel to your postcode. Search results will display Verified tutors at the top, clearly distinguished with a blue background. While all our tutors have had their identity checked, the Verified tutors have undergone further checks, including an Enhanced DBS (formerly CRB) check.

At a minimum, we check the identity of every tutor who registers with Tutorfair. This includes checking: either the passport, drivers licence or identity card of each prospective tutor; and verifying their email address and mobile number.

Tutors who are listed as Verified undergo an extra layer of verification including:

  • an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check (Enhanced DBS) (formerly CRB):
  • a minimum of two references from previous clients or relevant referees;
  • education & qualification checks (e.g. degree certificate, Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) etc)
  • face to face introduction to the Tutorfair team and a thorough ‘handshake’ test.

The tutors who are not Verified are currently going through this confirming process. In the meantime, you may still book a tutor is not Verified – we recommend that you carry out your own checks by asking them to bring the appropriate paperwork satisfying the above requirements to the first lesson.

Click on the tutor's profile to see more - they'll have a photo and video, their educational background, their own description and rating and reviews from other people who endorse them. Double check they cater to the level you require e.g. GCSE or Degree. When you've put in your postcode, all the tutors in the search results will travel to your home.

Tutors set their own price, ranging from about £20 to over £200 per hour. Tutorfair offers a variety of choice that is not available anywhere else. For top end tutors you can expect evidence of consistently delivering outstanding results with thousands of hours of teaching experience over several years and insights into the problems and issues that come with exams and study. At a lower cost, expect more of a 'big sister/brother' who has recently learnt what they are tutoring and currently building up their experience. We hope to provide something for everyone.

You can shortlist the tutors you want to find quickly next time, or send them messages straight away (you'll have to sign in to do that).

There are some fascinating and fun tutors that are a part of Tutorfair, so spend some time to find the right fit for you. Watch their videos and read the reviews. Parents why not get your children involved in the selection process to help them engage in the tutoring process.

Find great tutors

Choose and Contact

Choosing the right tutor for you is important. We're doing our best to give you that choice. Contact as many tutors as you like. Be picky. If you'd like more information just call us – 020 3322 4748. When you feel comfortable you have found a great tutor, go ahead and book a lesson.

Everyone remembers their best teachers; in school and life. Tutorfair offers a community of fun, friendly and passionate educators to choose from. There are a variety of tutors available within a range of disciplines. Where else would you find a concert pianist to come to your house? Many tutors have their own hopes and dreams and can provide a window into another world and become a role model to their students.

Look for someone who can inspire, you or your child, beyond the immediate learning objective. It's not just teaching, tutoring includes elements of mentoring and coaching. Find someone you like and who you'll enjoy working with.

Recommendations from other students will highlight what the tutor has taught before - maybe a particular exam, level or skill. If the student is involved in the selection process they're likely to be more engaged with the learning experience. If you're not sure what you want, it can helpful to take an hour with a more experienced tutor and ask them to recommend others.

We recommend contacting several tutors. Most tutors respond quickly, usually the same day and often within minutes. We keep your contact details safe until after you've booked with them to protect the privacy of both parties.

If you want a hand choosing give us a call: 020 3322 4748. We've met and hand picked most of our tutors and will be delighted to recommend someone that best suits your needs. Hopefully between the website and the conversations with us, you will feel comfortable making the right choice. Ultimately it's your decision.

If you don't work well with someone, then change. Even the best tutors say that they only really connect with 80% of the students they meet. It's like in life, there are always people we get on with better than others. It's completely acceptable to change your tutors until you find the right fit.

Find great tutors

Book the lesson

Book by clicking the lesson time you want in the tutor's calendar. Alternatively contact them to discuss alternate times. Add as many lessons you want to your basket and pay with any major credit card or Paypal. If you're not 100% happy or the lesson doesn't happen we'll refund you.

If you'd like to see how the booking process works, click our guide on how to book. Give us a call if you'd like any more information and we can also help mediate disagreements if necessary.

Lessons are usually an hour long, however tutors can create different length lessons upon request. You can book as many lessons as you'd like, from as many different tutors as you'd like. If the tutor is available to come again and/or stay longer they can create extra lessons for you to book more.

Tutorfair takes a small commission and a charity donation enabling the delivery of our promise: for every student who pays, we give tutoring to a child who otherwise would no be able to afford it. More about the charity.

All payments are made through the website by credit card, debit card or Paypal and are processed securely. You and the tutor will receive an email with the information about your payment and lesson. You can view all your bookings when signed into your Tutorfair account.

We will hold the payment until after the lesson to make sure everyone is 100% happy. After 48 hours if there are no issues raised, we'll transfer the money to the tutor. If for some reason you have to cancel a lesson you have up to 24 hours before the lesson to receive a full refund. Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged.

Find great tutors

Learn and help others

Enjoy learning with your tutor. Make the most of them, they've all got access to Tutorfair's learning resources, hints and tips, lesson plans and support from other educators in the Tutorfair community. They're at your disposal – ask your tutor to recommend you other people they feel could help. Tutorfair's promise – for every student who pays, we will give tutoring to a child who can't afford it. That's the 'fair' part of Tutorfair.

Our tutors work in inner-city schools and give back where it's needed most. We select the schools and charity partnerships, they select the students, and in the end it all makes a huge difference. Like the charity Teach First, we think that no child's educational success should be limited by their socio-economic background. We're trying to provide tutoring services in a socially responsible way, read more on our Foundation Page.

Another great thing about Tutorfair is that you have access to a community of educators! You are not alone - there is a whole support network of people to teach you more. Everyone is born with an innate love of learning, sadly some students get it sucked out of them. Part of a tutor's job is to ignite that love of learning and one-on-one tutoring is proven to be the most effective form of learning (Bloom).

Our tutors are always learning more as well. Through the Tutorfair community, experienced professional educators can help train new tutors who are just starting up.

Please keep using the site to confirm bookings. Booking through the site enables us to help you out if there are any bumps in the road and ensures there are no mix ups with tutors schedules. It's part of the Terms and Conditions you agree to when you sign up and it will destroy us if you don't. We've done our best to keep our commissions low and give as much back to the tutors as possible. AND Most importantly without your continued support we won't be able to deliver on our charity promise and offer free tutoring to children who need it and cannot afford it.