English Tutoring Jobs

English tutor in Canterbury, CT1

Posted: 06 Nov 2015
10 tutors applied

Posted by: David L

I'm looking for English teacher.

English tutor in B47

Posted: 05 Nov 2015
5 tutors applied

Posted by: Jenny G

I am seeking English tuition for a 15 year old girl in hollywood area B47. She is in need of extra teaching to prepare for GCSE and Maths too.

English tutor in Harlesden, Nw10

Posted: 04 Nov 2015
14 tutors applied

Posted by: Rima B

My son is sitting his GCSEs next year and I need an English tutor to support him with his study.
Kind regards

English Literature (GCSE) tutor in Lewisham, SE13

Posted: 04 Nov 2015
12 tutors applied

Posted by: Jo L

Hello. My son is in Year 11 and we've just found out that he'll be taking his English Literature GCSE in January. He's currently working at a C grade but I'm hoping that with some one-to-one tutoring he could achieve a B. We are in Lewisham and Wednesday evenings (anytime after 4pm) would be an ideal time. Thank you.

English tutor in Heald Green, sk8

Posted: 03 Nov 2015
6 tutors applied

Posted by: Hamid F

I want to improve my English.
I need 2 hours lesson every day for 1 month.
I am looking for a proper British accent teacher.
Please let me know about your availability and plan.


English (Degree) tutor in G11

Posted: 03 Nov 2015
1 tutor applied

Posted by: Joe N

I've recently got into 3rd year of Commercial Music at UWS. I haven't written much since my Diploma 2 years ago, and so would appreciate help and guidance in writing my case studies and essays. I live in Broomhill, Hyndland but I'm willing to travel a little bit. Thanks, Joe.

English tutor in Hastings, TN3

Posted: 02 Nov 2015
2 tutors applied

Posted by: Claire G

Hi there im trying to do an equine behaviour course and need help with the homework /English etc and how to set /lay stuff .my

English tutor in B19

Posted: 02 Nov 2015
10 tutors applied

Posted by: Sumaya M

hey I would like you to teach me GCSE level english language and literature please email me .

English (Primary) tutor in Euston, NW1

Posted: 02 Nov 2015
22 tutors applied

Posted by: Thamnna B

I am looking for an English and Maths primary tutor. I am also looking for Science and Maths tutor for my children who are in year 8 and year 10.

English (Scholarship) tutor in Battersea, Sw11

Posted: 02 Nov 2015
2 tutors applied

Posted by: Virgnia B

Dear all

My daughter has been asked from her current school to enter the Scholarship entrance for the 13+ candidates, she is currently at Alleyn,s school in Dulwich and she already won and Academic scholarship during her 11+ examinations.
The subjects requested for this test are Physic, Chemistry, Biology, Math, Engliish , verbal reasoning and non verbal reasoning.
Could you please help me?
Thanks a lot in advance

Mrs Nada & Miss Virginia Baldan

English tutor in Birmingham, B1

Posted: 02 Nov 2015
12 tutors applied

Posted by: Mohammed A

I would like you to teach my wife English if u can contact me on this number

English Literature (GCSE) tutor in Canary Wharf, E14

Posted: 01 Nov 2015
12 tutors applied

Posted by: Md.abu B

I am Abu . I am doing my English literature exams on spring 2016. Exams will contain Of Mice and Men and unseen poetry. For my coursework I will be doing How pain of love presented in Romeo and Juliet and Elizabethan poetry. I would look for someone who can come weekly for at least an hour.

English Language (GCSE) tutor in Battersea, SW11

Posted: 01 Nov 2015
13 tutors applied

Posted by: Donna N

I am looking for someone who can help my daughter, she has always struggled with english but she has been told at school that she has what it takes and f she pushes herself she can make it, i need someone who can help her with that. she is a year 10 student and her test is to be on macbeth

English tutor in Eltham, SE9

Posted: 01 Nov 2015
26 tutors applied

Posted by: Catherine B

I am working as estate agent in London and need some classes to improve my pronunciation, vocabulary and become more fluent.
I love my job but the language is still a barrier as I am not confident in leaving messages to my clients and feel even more embarrassed to have a conversation with them in front of my English colleagues which sometimes make fun of me or talk down to me (they say they are trying to help me).
I know of my potential and I am here to succeed. I would love to have a person that could help me to gain my confidence back.
Hopefully you can help me.

English tutor in Birmingham, B1

Posted: 31 Oct 2015
5 tutors applied

Posted by: Abdul K


Can you confirm:
- how much 11+ teaching have you carried out
- how familiar are you with both ks2 and 11+ curriculum
- what is your source for resources

Thank you

English tutor in Chingford, E4

Posted: 31 Oct 2015
18 tutors applied

Posted by: Gokhan B

I 'd like to take some English classes during the weekends and may be on Thursdays. My max budget is £25 ph and I am willing to get at least 6 hours a week.

Many thanks.

English tutor in Earl's Court, Sw5

Posted: 30 Oct 2015
51 tutors applied

Posted by: Johana A

I would like to improve my English. I live in South Kensington

English tutor in London

Posted: 29 Oct 2015
47 tutors applied

Posted by: Sian Q

I am a 22 year old Adult Nursing Student, needing help with writing an essay.

Could any one be of assistance?

Thank you

English (11+) tutor in Essex Greater London, IG6

Posted: 29 Oct 2015
6 tutors applied

Posted by: May H

I am looking for an English tutor for my 12 year-old son. Thanks

English Language (GCSE) tutor in Fulham, SW6

Posted: 29 Oct 2015
15 tutors applied

Posted by: Olivia L

hello I am looking for someone to help my son in english and math. he is in year 10 and this stage they starting to prepare to their gcse. He told me that struggle those subjecs.

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