Economics Tutoring Jobs

Economics (A-Level) tutor in Bromley, br1

Posted: 20 Jun 2018
6 tutors applied

Posted by: Joseph K

Hi, I'm looking for a Economics (A-Level) tutor.for my boy in year 12
Will you be visiting to teach him at home (BR1 4NP) and how much is it per hour

Economics tutor in Earlsdon, CV5

Posted: 19 Jun 2018
0 tutors applied

Posted by: Abdullah A

I'm looking for a Econometric tutor...
especially to run ARDL model through using e-views

i am writing dissertation about impact of oil fluctuation on stock market in Oman(msm30) beside other economic forces ( GDP,inflation, and exchange rate) from 2006 to 2017 using time series data on monthly data. this the main part of my dissertation.
also i am interested to investigate which sub index in the main market index (msm30) is more sensitive to oil fluctuation.
my plan as follow:
- apply ARDL model by using e-views software
- test all data for unit roots , bound test, cointegration ...etc
- i have to employ PP test and ADF test
- writing all hypothesis
- interpreted all results come out by the e-views
- determine long and short impact
- all processes needed in analyses data and result

Economics tutor in Mitcham, cr4

Posted: 14 Jun 2018
8 tutors applied

Posted by: Smelly A

I'm looking for a Economis tutor...

Economics (A-Level) tutor in Surrey Greater London, KT5

Posted: 09 Jun 2018
5 tutors applied

Posted by: Asala A

Hey there! I'm looking for an Economics (A-Level) tutor. My mocks are in 10 days and im looking for a tutor who could help me achieve an A by strengthening my essay writing techniques.

Economics (A-Level) tutor in Stanmore, ha7

Posted: 06 Jun 2018
6 tutors applied

Posted by: Sunil P

Looking for an Economics A level Tutor for my son.

The board is Edexcel and he has exactly 12 months to go before his real exam.

Could commit for the full 12 months if it helps.

We live in Stanmore HA7 2HG.

Could tutor at our house or come to you if you are reasonably nearby.


Economics (A-Level) tutor in Barnes, SW13

Posted: 01 Jun 2018
7 tutors applied

Posted by: Richard M

I'm looking for a Economics (A-Level) tutor for this weekend and next Friday / following weekend for some consolidation before my son's exams.

Economics (Degree) tutor in Islington, n1

Posted: 29 May 2018
2 tutors applied

Posted by: James M

Hi there,

I am a first-year student taking the Graduate Diploma in Economics at Birkbeck.

I am preparing for an economics exam on Friday. I am going through past papers and have come across several questions that I need help with.

The questions I am concentrating on are to do with regression and probability - I can also send you these in advance of a lesson if that would help.

As the exam is on Friday, I would quite like to run through thee problems as soon as possible - ideally tonight (29th May) or tomorrow (30th) evening!

I work 9-5 so the evening slot is my availability - please let me know if you would have time to go through some of the questions in the next couple of days.

Thank you,

Economics (Degree) tutor in Acton, w3

Posted: 24 May 2018
3 tutors applied

Posted by: Ella T

Hi, I'm looking for an Economics (Degree) tutor...

I'm really stuck with my recent assignment, that is due the 4th of June.

The assignment is
"students are asked individually to provide an analysis of the macro- environment impacting on retail business: H&M.

For this business, you should provide a background and explain concisely what type of organisation it is. The majority of the assignment should consist of a macro- environment audit using the systematic planning model PEST (as shown to you in class, and as featured in your reading).

The PEST analysis should provide more than just a list of macro- environmental factors and should identify the factors most likely to affect H&M in the short term and anticipate ways these factors might impact on its strategy, operations and communications."

It's 1,500 words.

Please let me know if you could be any help to me, or if this isn't suited.

Kind Regards,


Economics (A-Level) tutor in Chertsey, KT16

Posted: 21 May 2018
2 tutors applied

Posted by: Georgina M

I'm looking for a Economics (A-Level) tutor.

Economics tutor in W1U

Posted: 18 May 2018
8 tutors applied

Posted by: Isabelle M

I'm looking for a Business & Economics tutor. I have the exam 25th of May, so I need a lot of help before that. The exam includes such as: Macroeconomic Objectives and Circular flow of Income, Inflation, National Income, Input & Costs, Revenue & Profit Maximisation and Market Structures etc.

I need a tutor that is flexible to start as quick as possible (first session 19th or 20th)

Online Economics tutor

Posted: 16 May 2018
2 tutors applied

Posted by: Mia B

I need a professional Econometrics tutor help me with panel data and differences-in-differences estimation.

Economics (A-Level) tutor in Woking, Gu21

Posted: 14 May 2018
1 tutor applied

Posted by: Santhush L

Hi, I'm looking for a Economics (A-Level) tutor...

Online Economics (Degree) tutor

Posted: 13 May 2018
8 tutors applied

Posted by: Jose P

Hi, I'm looking for a Economics (Degree) tutor to help me out with Microeconomics and Macroeconomics as well, do you think that we can arrange some lectures this week?. Thank you

Online Economics (Degree) tutor

Posted: 11 May 2018
6 tutors applied

Posted by: Nita G

I'm looking for a Economics tutor...

Economics (Degree) tutor in North West London, nw2

Posted: 07 May 2018
3 tutors applied

Posted by: Ali A

Hi, I'm looking for a Economics (Degree) tutor. I am currently studying Economics Bsc in year 2. I am currently looking for help in the modules international trade and intermediate macroeconomics.

Online Economics tutor

Posted: 05 May 2018
13 tutors applied

Posted by: Zinah M

Hi! I'm looking for someone to help me out - I'm minoring in economics and need some help with my upcoming exam. It's a partially seen paper, so I just need someone to help me with the answers online? I can even send you the paper if you'd like to have look first. Thank you.

Economics (Degree) tutor in Kensington, w8

Posted: 28 Apr 2018
3 tutors applied

Posted by: Fares S

I need an experienced UNIVERSITY TUTOR who can deliver and teach Microeconomics for a course run by LSE.

Please get in touch if you can teach undergraduate Economics, ideally candidate will be from a russel group background.

I would like a trial lesson for £1 to send over slides before continuing.


Economics (Degree) tutor in Ardleigh Green, RM11

Posted: 26 Apr 2018
1 tutor applied

Posted by: Justina A

I'm looking for a tutor for my daughter to cover the following topics in Micro-economics:

Envelope Theorem, Uncertainty, General Equilibrium, Externalities and Game Theory.

Are you available?


Economics (A-Level) tutor in ME5

Posted: 26 Apr 2018
2 tutors applied

Posted by: Ejaz K

Hi, I'm looking for a Economics (A-Level) tutor. I live in Rochester Kent.

Economics (A-Level) tutor in Harpenden, Al5

Posted: 26 Apr 2018
2 tutors applied

Posted by: Laura P

I'm looking for a Economics (A-Level) tutor...

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