Why Volunteers Choose the Tutorfair Foundation

Tas F

February 18, 2016

At a recent volunteer training event, we asked our tutors why they decided to join our programme. The responses were outstanding.

Volunteers shared what frustrated them about current education systems. They shared what excited them about tutoring, and what they hoped to achieve while volunteering. All around, they proved that volunteer tutors really do go above and beyond the call of duty.

Below are some of the inspirational answers volunteers gave when asked, "Why do you want to volunteer for Tutorfair?"

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Some of our favorites include:

"I want to inspire curiosity and thirst for knowledge in the next generation. Together we will make a better world."

"To lower the gap between HI [high income] and LI [low income] families."

"I love teaching and believe all children should have equal opportunities!"

"To provide young people with the support they need to become the best persons they can be, regardless of their circumstances."

"Empower my students with knowledge and confidence."

If you'd like to volunteer and be part of our amazing team of tutors, get involved today.

The Tutorfair Foundation promises that for every student who pays, we give free tutoring to a child who can't. To learn more about our work in inner-city schools, please visit the Tutorfair Foundation website.