Which A-Levels Should I Take?


August 20, 2015

When it was time for me to pick my A-Levels I had no idea what I was doing. Now that I've finished my AS Levels I have a bit more knowledge when it comes to this. Here is some advice that I wish I would've had a year ago.

Choosing which A-Levels you should take may be one of the biggest decisions a student has to make straight after they receive their GCSE results. You must pick a subject that you are relatively good at, but also one you would not despise after two years of study.

In order to correctly choose your A-Levels you must first look at what would you like to do in the future. Doing this, you will be able to look at further education options. For example, if you would like to become a Doctor, you are going to need a Medical Science degree. These types of degrees have A-Level subject requirements, and often it is Maths and/or Biology. This should hopefully limit how many subjects you have to choose from.

Some degrees do not require any specific A-Levels. In this case, choose A Levels that you think will prepare you for the chosen degree. Often students who would like to go into Computer Science may choose subjects such as Maths or Physics as these are both essential subjects to put you in a specific mindset for the degree.

Just before you embrace these A-Levels, ask yourself, “Am I able to achieve good grades in these subjects?” You don’t want to spend the next two years working hard just to open that envelope with disappointment. Make sure to pick something you are good at; if you are not good at Maths, don’t pick it!

Finally, would you like to study these subjects? There is nothing worse than learning about something day to day that you simply don’t enjoy. Your overall experience of College/Sixth Form will not be pleasant being forced to do something that you hate. Having a subject that you truly enjoy or find interesting will not only give a good chance of better grades, but you will also not hate yourself, as much.

Good luck to all awaiting for their results and choose your A-Levels wisely!

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