What is the North London Girls' Schools' Consortium?

August 22, 2016 by Mark Maclaine
Image What is the North London Girls' Schools' Consortium?

When the time comes to move schools, it is not uncommon for students to apply to a more than one at a time. Girls aged 11 who are applying to private schools in London are usually advised to spread their bets by applying to a few. In an attempt to reduce the number of exhausting, and potentially stressful, exams each has to sit, a number of London girls schools have decided to work together.

The Consortium is split into two groups (listed below). A girl will only have to sit one exam for the all schools she has applied to in that group. She is then allowed to sit that exam at any of the schools in the group, so long as it’s one that she has applied to. Since the exam paper is shared with all of her schools, they use the same mark scheme, and it doesn’t make a difference which school she chooses to sit at. Usually, her prep school will help her decide, but parents may also choose and contact the relevant school for more details. If a girl applies to schools in both groups, she will have to sit two exams.

Group 1: Francis Holland, Heathfield School, St. Helen’s  School, Notting Hill and Ealing High School, South Hampstead High School, The Royal School, Hampstead, Queen’s College.

Group 2: Channing School, City of London School for GirlsGodolphin and Latymer School, St. James Independent School, More House, Northwood College, Queen’s Gate School.

There are also three schools not in a group who have separate exams and should be contacted directly. These are: Haberdashers’ Aske’s Girls SchoolNorth London Collegiate School and St. Paul’s Girls School.

Girls are still expected to contact the schools they want to apply for, as they each have their own entrance processes and open days. It should be noted that it's a good idea to do school visits as early as possible. Some schools will even allow girls to visit a year early so that they have plenty of time decide.

Most good prep schools will have a large amount of experience in helping girls through this process. However, if you are applying from a state school or outside the UK it is a good idea to call or email the relevant admissions departments for advice on how best to proceed. They are usually very helpful, and will be aware that most girls will be applying to a few schools, so can advise you on that, too.

Below is a list of links to past papers. These papers are very well laid out and often involve some excellent, inventive, questions. Many tutors will use these exams with students who are 10 - 12 years old as they can be a great way to stretch students. Just make sure that they're given adequate support whilst doing them and that they should understand that even top girls usually won’t be able to answer them all in the time given.

Past Papers:

English 2012   Maths 2012

English 2013   Maths 2013

English 2014   Maths 2014

English 2015   Maths 2015

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