Volunteering and Personal Growth - Kurian's Story

June 22, 2021 by Tas F
Image Maths tutor Kurian joined our volunteering network after the school closures and has supported several Key Stage 4 students through this difficult year. Passionate about electronics and maths, Kurian talks to us about volunteering for personal growth whilst working full-time job.

Tell us about yourself

I grew up in India and studied electronic engineering. Where I was brought up, there was a lot of focus on maths as a subject and I had a special love for it. I was fortunate to have private tuition that helped me to crack the very competitive Engineering entrance exams.

I came to the UK in 2010 for my MBA at Lancaster University. Now I work with companies bringing new products to life, with focus on the electronic side of things. Although the lockdown period was tough, I was fortunate to be surrounded by people who constantly inspired and motivated me to stay active and engage with projects. I am thankful for the opportunity given by the Tutorfair Foundation to give back to society in the form of online maths lessons – especially in the current circumstances!

How have you found tutoring online?

Online tutoring is very good as it removes a lot of barriers such as the need to travel. I didn't find a taxi, but on a busy day at work, preparations had to be planned in advance. It was also very easy to get approval and support from my boss as the time taken from the working day was minimal and easy to schedule.

Did you like the online platform that we use?

The platform, Bramble, fits very well with the way I like to tutor as it is customised for live tutoring. It also helps with easy referencing to previous sessions. Perhaps improvements could be there with better drawing/mouse usage, but that would have minimal impact. I found the communication to be easy and very good with very occasional connection issues.

Would you recommend a program to other tutors?

I would certainly recommend the program to other tutors. In fact, I already recommended the programme to a few of my friends. Some are constrained with the timings as the tutoring must happen during working hours. Once they make the decision, there is a lot of experience to be gained from working with children that you can apply in your personal life.

These are the little things we can do to help someone else in the long run. Especially when you're working in a subject that you are interested in. In summary, if you are looking at avenues to improve yourself as a person and you have a couple of hours to spare the week with minimal effort, then it's a very rewarding investment of your time.

Are there any comments you'd like to add?

The team behind the whole process has made the logistics work like magic. Kudos to all the organisers behind the Foundation. I believe they are the right people to scale this process and solve the problem of educational inequality.

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