Volunteering at Lambeth Academy - Jan's story

April 27, 2016 by Tas F
Image What's it like to work as a tutor in a school?

Over the past 4 weeks Jan F has been volunteering, tutoring a group of four students from Lambeth Academy.  Jan is a Tutorfair volunteer and donates his time to help these students achieve the best possible grades in their GCSE maths.

Below are a few words from Jan and his students about what it's like to be tutored and what it's like to volunteer for Tutorfair.

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We asked the students - "what do you think you are gaining from these sessions?"

The answers came almost immediately. "An a* in Maths!" said one student and "extra help in things I don't quite get" said another.

"we make real improvement on the things we're working on [in class]". "There were a few things I was having a problem with, that I now don't  have a problem with!"

All round positive responses from the students who can clearly see the benefit of attending these sessions.

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We went on to ask 'Have you see any improvements in your class work since attending the sessions"?

"Yes!" and "Maths has started clicking with me a lot more - even after two sessions" came the answers.  Again, a clear enthusiasm shining through.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 14.43.44

"How would you describe your tutor?"

"He's very good", "yeah, he's helpful" and "[Jan] makes it clear and simple which is always nice!"

What more could you want form a tutor? The students are clearly enjoying the sessions and have felt the benefit after just a few hours.

We then switched our attention to Jan, to find out what his first experience of working in a school was like.

"What are you enjoying about tutoring in the school?"

"I think it's having a good impact on the students and I think they're enjoying it - so it feels like a really good use of my time. "

Jan went on to describe how he felt during the first session..... "I was a bit worried after the training about going into a school but I was pleasantly surprised, I've not had to deal with any behaviour and the kids really listen and work hard."

What do you feel you are gaining from the experience?

"[The Tutorfair volunteering] is great for me as I sat my exams in Czech Republic - I get great experience and learn about the syllabus and how British school actually works......It's a great help for my private tutoring."

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 14.43.10

It's great to hear such positivity from the students.  Jan is clearly doing a fantastic job and his students are clearly enjoying the sessions.

Jan, we can't thank you enough for the support and would like to wish all the students at Lambeth Academy the best of luck in their exams.

If you would like to follow Jan's lead and help in one of our schools, simply follow this link and get involved today. Or if you think you could benefit from some maths tuition to boost your learning, then follow this finding a maths tutor link and search for local maths tutors in your area.
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