Voluntary Work in Schools - Clement's Story

Rachael C

March 24, 2017

Voluntary work in schools makes a massive difference in tackling educational equality. The Tutorfair Foundation gives free expert tutoring to children who need extra support. Volunteer Clement O tells us his story.

"Exciting" In School Voluntary Work
"My volunteer experience at Oaklands school was exciting, and a huge learning experience. Both for the Year 11 Foundation Students and myself.

I completed a 10-hour voluntary work placement helping Year 11 students with Biology. This experience of volunteering was a first for me. Beyond organising tutorial seminars for undergraduates I hadn't taught before.

Since it was my first time, there was an air of uncertainty. I started my voluntary work by supporting the Biology teacher in class. After five weeks I was asked to organise small group tutorial sessions. I had limited time for covering the syllabus, so I focused on areas in which the students were struggling.

The first meeting was an introductory and diagnostic session, we went through the curriculum together and identified difficult topics. For the next four tutorial sessions I focused on the tricky areas. I also endeavoured to provide advice on personal study and timetabling.

Clement O's Voluntary Work

Overcoming Anxiety around Voluntary Work
Clement, like many other volunteers was nervous to begin with. He tells us, "its easy to talk about my experience now but I was filled with anxiety when I first faced the reality of my placement." So what helped him to overcome his initial fears? Clement says, "one approach that helped was planning. I prepared well for each class session. For instance I planned that each of my tutorial sessions would have a quiz, discussions and a bit of a pep talk. There is no alternative to planning a tutorial session; I expect mine to be flexible and punctuated with stories to inspire confidence in the students."

Volunteer work gives students who would otherwise not be able to afford it, access to the support they need to flourish. Clement noted, "the students I worked with are really very smart, like everyone else they needed some support. I was happy to help, and see their grades improve." Do you want to make a difference through voluntary work? You can get involved with the Tutorfair Foundation today.

You can find Clement's profile on Tutorfair.com