How to use On-Demand to improve your grades

May 08, 2019 by Tas F
Image Tutorfair On-Demand is an innovative tutoring app that allows students to benefit from high quality maths tuition after school.  Students are able to instantly connect to a maths tutor from any device and work through maths questions, homework and exam preparation.

Here, one of the most frequent users of the app gives their account of using Tutorfair On-Demand.

Can you tell us a bit more about how you felt in maths before using On-Demand?

“I’m in Year 11 currently studying for my GCSE Maths. I found it difficult in my previous class as there was a lot of disruption and I never understood most of the work. Before using On-Demand, I found maths quite challenging and I wasn’t confident in maths.”


Do you feel like you have made progress since using On-Demand?

“Since using the platform, I have furthered my understanding of the topics I was struggling with.  I’ve also been moved to a new set which I am now getting on really well with.”

The student further credits his online tutor for their support stating, “my On-Demand tutor Edward was a big help to me alongside this.”


What made you use the platform for the first time?

“The reason why I used it for the first time was because I was struggling in my old class and was looking for some support with homework that was set as I found it challenging”.

“I liked the fact that the tutor was a very kind individual who went out of his way to help. He explained things thoroughly and broke down the questions and kept asking me questions to see if I was understanding it. He also pointed out any misconceptions I had made and gave me some tips on the topic.”

From them on, I have used it regularly because I found that Edward was always available and every time I had spoken to him I had learnt something new that I was struggling with and now I feel comfortable in these topics.


Advice to others! (Maths alert)

My advice to other students is that if you’re struggling with Maths then you should definitely try Tutorfair On-Demand.  They’ll do their best to help you and further your understanding. Even if you dislike maths give it a go as it’s a more modern way of getting support!


Are you a student that is already registered with On-Demand? Click to log in to Tutorfair On-Demand to access free maths tuition.

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Edward H is one of our private maths tutors.  Click here to visit his profile and get in touch if you would like some lessons! 
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