Tutoring with Tutorfair - Alfredo's Story

September 28, 2015 by Tara Haripaul
Image Alfredo tutoring
Meet Alfredo C, a Doctor of Astrophysics and one of our most successful registered tutors on Tutorfair. What's interesting about Alfredo's Tutorfair journey is that it started off with volunteering before transitioning into full time private tuition! Read his story below.

"I started tutoring two years ago while I was was finishing my PhD at Imperial College in galaxy mergers (what happens when galaxies smash into each other). I became involved with Tutorfair by being a volunteer; I received training at a seminar in partnership with TeachFirst and I spent 12 hours over six weeks helping students in an inner-­city school. The whole experience was eye­ opening: I found tutoring so incredibly rewarding that I started working as a private tutor.

I really feel I can make a difference to student's education, and I continued my work with Tutorfair because every time I gave a tutoring session, someone in an inner­-city school benefited from a free tutoring as part of the ‘one-­for-­one’ programme.

I tutor students in physics, maths, chemistry, biology and Latin from common entrance right up to university. So far I have taught about 40 young people, 20 adults and have nine regular students each week. Tutoring is currently my main source of income and allows me the freedom to continue my research and gives me the gratification of having a job I look forward to do every day.

You don’t need to possess incredible skills to be a good tutor, you simply need to be passionate about what you teach, be patient with your students when they are struggling and be creative in finding the best way to teach a lesson. Sometimes this is hard work, but the moment your students understand what you are trying to teach them, and you can see that realisation on their faces, then you realise it was worth it."

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