Tutoring in schools a success!

July 25, 2013 by Catherine Burrows

The tutors went into 4 state schools; Pimlico Academy, Globe Academy, Westminster Academy and Wilbury Primary School. We received immensely positive feedback from volunteers, students and schools, showing that this has been hugely beneficial for all involved.

“[The tutors] have been fantastic – really committed to helping the children in their progress. Thank you again for all you've done.” - Alexander Lee (Wilbury Primary School)
“The tutoring sessions were very helpful to the students in preparing for their science exams. From what I saw, the students were always engaged and the tutors planned good activities to build students' confidence in answering exam questions. I think in the future, students would benefit from having this tuition, but perhaps it could be started earlier on in the year.” - A teacher from Westminster Academy

Globe Academy expressed interest in expanding the programme within their school in order to benefit more students.
“It has been fantastic having the volunteers here, so thank you. We would be more than happy to accept more volunteers in the New Year as I know the programme has been very beneficial.” - A teacher from Globe Academy

Some of the lessons were observed by Karen Mears from the Institute of Education (IOE) and Deputy Head teacher of Wilbury Primary School Lisa Wise.
“Children made outstanding progress over the course of the lessons and all tutors developed an excellent relationship with the children, who responded well to the AFL and teaching strategies used,” - Lisa Wise.

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After the success of the pilot programme, all the schools involved are keen to continue and expand the scheme next term. We can’t wait to get going with the programme again in a few weeks’ time!

For more information on how to participate or to get involved with the Tutorfair Foundation visit Tutorfair.com or email Pete@Tutorfair.com.

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