Why Pick Online Tutoring? Vishal's Story

March 05, 2020 by Hannah
Image For students and parents, deciding whether to book a tutor for face-to-face or online tuition can be a tough decision, particularly if online tuition is a new concept. We spoke to Vishal N, one of our highly experienced 11+  tutors, who highlighted the benefits of online tuition.

The tutoring industry moves at a rapid pace and is constantly evolving from assessments, to updated interview questions, to finding out what school is best for your child. Recently, the industry has seen a large increase in the amount of lessons taking place online. With a greater focus on online tuition, it is important to highlight the benefits online lessons can have for both students and tutors. 

Efficiency and convenience

Online tutoring, undeniably, provides a more efficient means of communication. Tutoring online bypasses any issues regarding travel and puts the tutor in front of the student in the easiest manner possible (and within the space of a few minutes if necessary). Students and tutors have the technology at hand, with their laptop, iPad or even iPhone within easy reach.

It also provides flexibility for both the tutor and the student - if they have an hour or two to spare and a student needs a top-up lesson, a swift arrangement can be made and a lesson can be setup in the space of 5-10 minutes. No travelling, no delays, pure efficiency.

Choosing from a larger pool of tutors 

Online tutoring breaks that geographical barrier! By choosing a tutor online you can catch a much wider range of tutors. By widening the scope, it enables you to find the best tutor for your child instead of limiting the tutors in your area for face-to-face lessons.  Whether they're from London or Scotland, you can consider tutors with vast amount of experience as distance is not an issue. 

If my 15 years of tutoring experience has taught me one thing it is this: we need to adjust, learn and find ways to put the best tutors in front of students in a way that works for both sets of people. Online tutoring provides this tool. Don’t get me wrong, I believe face-to-face tutoring will always play a big presence in the tutoring industry. However, I have no doubt that at this moment in time, online tutoring will continue to thrive…..until it becomes the norm. 

Starting to tutor online but not sure where to begin? Read our handy blog with top tips for delivering tuition online. 
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