Tutoring available to all "crucial" to close learning gap

Catherine Burrows

September 06, 2013

Sutton Trust's latest study shows private tuition is booming but this risks increasing the learning gap for less advantaged children. This is why we set up Tutorfair. Our one-for-one promise allows tutoring to benefit everyone. 

The Sutton Trust’s latest study shows that private tuition is on the increase with 40% of 11 to 16-year- olds in London using tutors because of the benefits it provides to their education. Across England and Wales, this figure is 24%.

However this is not equally distributed amongst all socio-economic backgrounds.  According to the Sutton Trust, some 31% of wealthier pupils received private tuition last year compared with 15% from poorer families. In response, Sutton Trust’s Sir Peter Lampl said it was "crucial" to narrow the learning gap for less advantaged children and offer tutoring to students from all backgrounds.

This is just why we have set up Tutorfair and is why we are committed to our charity promise; for every student who pays, we provide tutoring for a child who can’t.  That’s the ‘fair’ bit of Tutorfair.

Parents will always want the best for their children.  By using Tutorfair's website parents can find great tutors and, because the booking happens online, Tutorfair can keep costs low and deliver on our child-for-a-child mission.  Now tutoring can benefit everyone.