Tutorfair's Volunteer of The Week

Tara Haripaul

September 18, 2015

Arturo S - Volunteer of The Week

Meet Arturo S, he is a registered private tutor with Tutorfair who also finds time to volunteer with us. Over the past month, Arturo S has been invaluable to The Summer Slide programme hosted by Tutorfair & educational charity SEO Scholars - he kindly provided over 20 hours of free Chemistry tuition for AS/A-Level students from underprivileged backgrounds.

Arturo's generosity didn't stop there and his dedication extended far beyond the scheduled tutoring sessions - he ensured students were emailed the best and most relevant Chemistry resources after each topic. For these reasons, we have decided to make Arturo our Volunteer of The Week!

Here are a few words from the star himself...

"As a tutor, taking part in The Summer Slide programme was an excellent experience because it gave me the opportunity to tutor highly-qualified students. My objective was to share abilities and make them think in order for them to develop and strengthen abilities rather than just copy from the blackboard. Because they were smart students, I had the freedom and the confidence to raise the level by discussing problems through imaginative and powerful perspectives, in order to make easy the complex.

Personally, it is really rewarding to find students who are eager to learn, and have the ambition and the talent to develop a successful career."

- Arturo S

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