Tutorfair Resource Sharing Day!

January 23, 2017 by Esme
Image Tutorfair holds a Tutor resource sharing day!

To help tutors share ideas and be the best that they can be for their students we held at resource sharing event at Tutorfair headquarters on Friday 13th of January.

As a tutor you develop your own unique teaching style and amass a collection of great resources to help your students with the more challenging topics.

The difficulty can sometimes occur when, as a tutor, you want to learn new techniques or ask questions about areas that you are less familiar with.

At Tutorfair we are aiming to solve this by bringing great tutors together where they can share learning materials, get hints and tips, as well as support from fellow tutors.

On the day we had some great learning resources to share. Around 15 tutors, specialising in a range of subjects, gathered to impart their knowledge and expertise.

Adam S, a maths tutor and qualified teacher, shared a great game he uses with this students to help explain probability.

Have a go at playing it yourself here!

Another great tutor Raphael O gave us a great way of using less paper. Replace paper with a whiteboard and pen and make teaching more interactive and save money on paper at the same time!

With range of tutors from maths, science and language backgrounds there were some interesting opportunities to learn. It might surprise you how tutoring tips can be shared even across different subject areas.

It was clear from this event that effective tutoring requires fantastic resources and passionate educators who are open to new ideas.

If you would like to access some of these resources please visit our fantastic resource centre.

If you are a tutor looking to take part there will be more events coming up every month.

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