Tutorfair Foundation – Notes From a Rollercoaster Term

March 31, 2021 by Joss Serraillier
Image .The last week of this term has been full of emails ending with the words "a well-deserved break."  This is the kind of thing I find myself saying a lot when communicating with teachers, but it has never been as heartfelt as it is right now.

This term really has been exhausting for everyone.  From a spectacular false start on January 4th to the anxious return on March 8th and now to the optimism of an Easter break with sun shining and lockdown lifting all over the country.

Transitioning back to school

The effort I've seen put in by all of the teachers and school leaders we work with has been phenomenal.  More effort than ever has been needed to move interventions from a school to a home setting and back again.  There have been countless adjustments for new COVID-friendly timetables. So lessons are pushed and pulled all over the place to ensure students could continue to access them.

And effort from students has astonished us, too.  Attendance has remained fantastically high (well over 90%) through the transition from home to school. A real drop-off would have been understandable. Rushing home from school to make it to your online tutoring session on time is a level of commitment we wouldn't normally ask of our beneficiaries! But we've seen it time and time again in the uphill battle of spring term 2021!

The start of the year was a rollercoaster for the Foundation, too. The re-closure of the schools meaning several large projects were delayed or cancelled altogether.  But, again, with the invaluable support of an amazing community of volunteers as well as donations from Betty Messenger Charitable Trust and Harrison Frank Family Foundation, we've had another successful term of online teaching. More than 70 volunteers have supported nearly 150 young people across 9 schools and charity partnerships.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our work with this term; we can't wait to see you all back refreshed after "a well-deserved break."
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