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March 16, 2015 by Tas F
Image Imdad is a student at Paddington Academy, who is now in his final year of sixth form. Imdad needed some help and extra support when preparing to re-take his Maths AS-level. Tom L, volunteered through the Tutorfair Foundation to help. Tom is one of Tutorfair’s top tutors and holds a Masters in Mathematics from Oxford University. Tom is currently working on an innovative software project alongside his tutoring work.

Imdad is incredibly appreciative of Tom’s help, and has written a glowing review about his time with Tom.

Imdad writes about his help from top tutor, Tom L
In my second year of A-levels, I required some top-up classes for Maths A-level and Tutorfair put me in touch with Tom. He has been a fantastic tutor from the start, as he has helped me with my A2 Maths and he has also helped me to retake my AS Maths Exams. He has helped me improve my Mathematical thinking skills which has led me to go from the bottom of my class to the second best Mathematician in the whole year group. Tom’s maths tutoring also helped boost my Physics scores too. Thank you Tom!

Imdad maths work

Imdad has now been appointed head boy at Paddington Academy and in his own words, he is now the “second best mathematician in the whole year group”.

All of us here at Tutorfair were incredibly impressed with Imdad, so much so that we’ve offered him an internship. This summer Imdad will come and learn alongside our world class tech team, as he expressed a huge amount of interest in computer science.

Thank you to all the students who use Tutorfair to find a great tutor, and another big thank you to all our volunteer tutors (just like Tom!). These Volunteers give their time through the Tutorfair Foundation to students who can’t afford tutoring and our foundation students’ benefit hugely from this extra help and support.

Imdad with some of the Tutorfair Tech Team

Here is what Imdad had to say about Tutorfair Foundation:

Imdad’s thoughts on the Tutorfair Foundation
Tutorfair offers a great opportunity for all young people to find their inner spark in their chosen subjects.  Tutorfair is amazing because it offers tutors to students of all socio-economic backgrounds.  Personally this has benefitted me much more than I thought it would and I am very grateful for the support that I would not have been able to access without Tutorfair.  My Tutor for Maths A-level has helped take me from struggling in my maths class to being the second best in my school year.  I am now set to go to University next year and this wouldn’t have been possible without Tutorfair!  Thank you and I hope that one day I can become a Tutor for you too!

Tomos (Teach First Director and Mentor) thoughts on Tutorfair
Tutorfair have an excellent business model that is supporting young people from all backgrounds to achieve success in their academic studies.  I have been impressed with the organisation and speed of response in finding high quality tutors to support young people from backgrounds that do not normally have access to high quality tutoring.  The tutors have made a significant difference to the academic grades of the young people that I work with and this has a profound effect on their ability to progress to University and increase their access to life changing careers.

If you think a private maths tutor is what you need to boost your learning, like Imdad, then follow one of these links for maths tuition and search using your postcode. We have maths tutors for all levels, including A-level maths tuition, GCSE maths tuition and Degree maths tuition.
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