Tutorfair Foundation praised by Sutton Trust

September 27, 2019 by Tas F
Image The Tutorfair Foundation is delighted to have been mentioned as an ‘innovative model’ by The Sutton Trust.

In a press release introducing their new polling of young people and teachers, The Sutton Trust has called for more private tuition companies to provide tuition to disadvantaged pupils for free as well as for greater investment in non-profit programmes that connect tutors with schools. The Tutorfair Foundation (alongside MyTutor and Tutor Trust) was listed as innovative model already operational in this area.

The survey of 1,678 teachers, conducted by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER), found that a quarter (24%) of secondary school teachers have delivered private tuition outside school in the past two years, with two-thirds of them having done so after a direct approached from parents. This reflects the growing prevalence of private tutoring in the UK, with 27% of 11-16-year olds in England and Wales now saying they have had tuition (up from 18% in 2005).

The Sutton Trust recognises that students who receive private tuition disproportionately come from better-off backgrounds, finding that 34% of high-affluence households will engage a tutor compared to only 20% of low-affluence households. They recommend that schools seek out one-to-one and small-group tuition for their pupil premium eligible students, and that the government should invest in projects that can provide tuition to disadvantaged students sustainably.

Tutorfair On- Demand

Tutorfair’s latest innovation is Tutorfair On-Demand. We’ve built an instant messaging (text and image) platform available completely free on any connected mobile or desktop device. During homework hours, students who post a question or topic that they’re struggling with will instantly be connected to a trained Tutorfair tutor who is qualified to help them. Later, sessions are assessed by our Quality Assurance team to ensure that the standard of teaching always remains high. This is a revolutionary approach to scaling free tutoring – taking tuition into hundreds of homes for the first time and providing a uniquely flexible voluntary programme for talented tutors who want to give back.

To date, the platform has been piloted with 600 students in 34 schools and we are now seeking funding to help us scale up and gather more robust evidence of impact. If you would like to know more about the programme, please visit here.
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