Tutor of the month - Pip C

November 19, 2015 by Serena Atkins
Image This month, we wanted to showcase an example of how a brand new tutor can quickly become successful on Tutorfair. Pip joined us late in the summer holidays, and less than 2 months after receiving his first booking, he was so busy he couldn't take on any new clients!

So what was the secret to Pip's success?

1. Showing off his profile

Pip put real effort into making sure his profile was as effective as it could be. His headline and description were thought through and descriptive, and he filled in every field he possibly could - yes, every single GCSE grade :-) Tutors with more complete profiles are higher up in search results - that's because we've found they're more likely to get bookings.

2. Starting at an affordable price

Pip started out at £30/hr - a reasonable price for a "Verified" tutor with previous tutoring experience, lots of great reviews and an excellent academic record. By October, he was able to increase his price to £40 for new clients; next time he's free to take on more students he can consider whether a further increase is appropriate.

3. Getting reviews

Pip managed to get 5 reviews from his existing clients before even teaching on Tutorfair. Reviews are extremely important to new clients (when was the last time you bought an item on Amazon that didn't have good reviews)? It didn't matter that Pip's reviews were mostly for teaching EfL, whereas he advertises on Tutorfair for different subjects - what makes the difference is that clients can see he's trustworthy and effective. Not only that, he's already got a review from a Tutorfair client too!

4. Becoming Verified

Coming to a Fast-Track event gave Pip: knowledge of how to get the most out of Tutorfair; a professional video for his profile; and a position at the top of search results. The "Verified" badge makes a big difference to clients too - they know we've met and checked the Verified tutors.

5. Getting to know the Tutorfairies

Several of Pip's new clients were personal recommendations from Tutorfair founder Mark. Mark felt able to recommend Pip because he met him at our Tutor Drinks evenings, and he knew Pip would look after Mark's clients. It wasn't just Mark; the office Tutorfairies were happy to recommend him on the phone too, as we'd got to know him at events. We asked Mark what gave him the confidence to put his trust in Pip:

"First, he had a clear profile and a good video. He was a good communicator and asked all the right questions about new clients. He was willing to take jobs, even if they involved a bit of travel - that's exactly the approach I had when I started out. Once I'd placed him with clients, he was professional and worked hard to fulfil the jobs - he put extra effort in, which meant he gained the clients' trust. He might even go away with a client over Christmas - we'll see!"

Pip's example shows how with the right approach, tutors can become very successful in just a few weeks on Tutorfair.

Need advice? We are launching Tutor Surgeries for tutors who want to make their profile a success. Watch this space!
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