Top Tutors of 2021

December 13, 2021 by Joanne
Image Here at Tutorfair, over the past year we have reviewed the tutors on our platform and selected the tutors who have received rave reviews from clients, shared amazing resources and gone above and beyond to delight their client's. They all have the Top tutor 2021 badge showing on their profile.

These are our Top Tutors of 2021!

James R is a Maths, Economics and School Admissions tutor

Vishal N is a 7+, 8+, 11+, 13+  admissions tutor and GCSE Examiner

Juba A is a qualified teacher, a 11+ specialist and Science tutor

Andrew M is a Chemistry tutor

Hlystan G is a qualified teacher and a 7+, 8+, 9+ 10+ and 11+ admissions tutor

James M is a 7+, 8+, 9+, 10+ and 11+ admissions tutor

Tom L is a Maths specialist and 11+ admissions tutor

Harjinder S is a Maths, Science and 11+ admissions tutor

Scott D is a Science and Maths specialist tutor

Raphael O is a Maths, Physics and 11+ tutor

Ben P is a Maths, 11+ and Oxbridge entrance specialist tutor

Luke S is a 8+, 11+, Maths, Computer Science, English and Oxbridge entrance specialist tutor

Read on to find out more about what makes these tutors our Top Tutors of 2021.


James R

James is a former stockbroker, round the world sailor turned teacher. He is a fully qualified secondary mathematics and economics teacher and has worked in schools in Oxfordshire, London and Switzerland and at various levels such as primary, middle and secondary schools. James has thousands of hours worth of classroom, tutoring and mentoring experience.
What makes you an expert tutor James?

"My tutoring philosophy is to make myself redundant! I look to instil confidence and competence in my students, helping them to love learning, and to know how to make progress independently. Building trust with students is paramount; I will challenge, support and help them cope with mistakes as learning opportunities. I don’t want to push students towards performing tasks they don’t understand, because that is not learning and no amount of good grades on any given day will paper over a lack of in depth understanding."
What is your favourite thing about tutoring on Tutorfair?

"Tutorfair is such a wonderfully simple and fair platform that makes tutoring easy and all offers more opportunities for a wider range of students to get the support that can fuel their success. I’ve met some great tutors, students and families and really enjoyed the journey with them all."


Vishal N

Vishal is very passionate about helping children progress in regards to their academic achievements as well as helping them become confident learners. Vishal has a wealth of knowledge and 16 years of experience in supporting students with their 7+, 8+, 10+, 11+ and 13+ entrance exams. His students have been awarded places at some of the top independent schools in the country including St Paul’s, Westminster, Eton, City of London, King’s, Wellington College and NLCS, to name just a few.
What makes you an expert tutor Vishal?

"One of the factors that makes me stand out is that I have experience in marking entrance exam papers at the 7+, 8+, 10+, 11+ and 13+ entry levels. This means that I know what is expected of students and thus I freely share my experience and more importantly exam techniques with my students. This often makes the difference when it comes to them sitting their entrance exams.

I often get told by parents that they can see that I actually care about my students and I always go out of my way to ensure that I don’t overwhelm them in my lessons. I promote a healthy balance and this leads to success. My lessons are interactive and enjoyable and seeing my students gain the knowledge and confidence as the weeks progress substantiates the faith that parents put in me when it comes to tutoring the future superstars of tomorrow!"
What is your favourite thing about tutoring on Tutorfair?

"One of my favourite things about using Tutorfair is the simplicity of the booking system and the detailed review section on each Tutor's profile. Parents can see first-hand reviews from parents and students alike and can make a decision based on this. Furthermore, the whole Tutorfair team are always there to help if you have any questions!"


Andrew M

Andrew has been a professional tutor for 10 years now specialising in one subject and one subject only. Chemistry! Andrew also teaches chemistry in one of London’s (and the UK’s) top independent collages. And holds a degree and master’s degree in pure chemistry from Manchester University.
What makes you an expert tutor Andrew?

"I have worked with hundreds of students from such a wide range of backgrounds from foreign royalty and the children of Hollywood actors to students on free school meals and inner-city council estates.

The results and feedback from parents and students speak for themselves. My track record is impeccable. I am very proud to confirm that on average my students increase their grade by at least 2 levels

I initially struggled with chemistry myself and my teachers had given up on me. It took an inspiring tutor to turn things around and instil a real fascination in the subject.  This is what inspired me to become a professional tutor."
What is your favourite thing about tutoring on Tutorfair?

"I love the charity work Tutorfair does. They also support and develop their tutors like no one else in the market. They are a great team to work with!"

James M

James has been tutoring since he graduated from Cambridge in 2005. James focuses on entry exams for schools, covering maths, English and reasoning. He is an expert in the 7+ - 13+ (including the ISEB pretest) and has particular expertise in St Paul's, Westminster, City of London and KCS Wimbledon.
What makes you an expert tutor James?

"My success rate is one of the best in London, with around 90% of my students getting their first choice of school. Having been to a top private school and university, I know what the schools are looking for in their assessments. For my students I provide a complete assessment, as well as putting together a structured plan to achieve their goals.

I have knowledge and free resources of previous exams and tests stretching back nearly 20 years! Therefore, I can understand and anticipate what schools will ask. Here is a free resource for 11 Plus reasoning exams and Seven Plus interview questions for King's School Wimbledon. If you would like more resources or information do not hesitate to get in touch."
What is your favourite thing about tutoring on Tutorfair?

"Getting to work with so many great clients!"


Tom L

Tom believes that every pupil is different and his job as a tutor is to be creative in drawing out the very best in his students. Tom believes in shaping how his students approach maths, favouring the making of connections and use of logic over rote learning. Tom appreciates the interpersonal aspect as it is crucial and he loves building rapport with his students which enables their progress. 
What makes you a Top Tutor Tom?

"I have over 6000 hours of tutoring experience with students of all ages and I have a first in maths from Oxford. I have also worked in many different settings including as a teacher of children and adults from a very wide variety of backgrounds in the UK, Nepal and Spain, and as a lawyer for 4 years with a City law firm."
What is your favourite thing about tutoring at Tutorfair?

"I am delighted now to be working with Tutorfair – I love their ethos of paying back to the community plus I always find them so great to deal with."


Harjinder S

Harjinder has enjoyed tutoring and teaching many students at all age ranges. In total Harjinder has provided over 10,000 hours of teaching and tutoring including more than 5000 hours on the Tutorfair platform. Harjinder specialises in teaching 11+, GCSE maths & science, A-level maths, further maths & physics, STEP tests and maths at degree level.
What makes you an expert tutor Harjinder?

"I have always enjoyed the challenge of making students achieve higher than their potential which makes them get the grades and results to get into their desired school or university. I also help my students boost their foundational knowledge and deepen their overall knowledge of the subject I am tutoring. Every student has a unique way of learning so I adapt to their needs very quickly.

I always look forward to teaching a new student and helping them improve their understanding of the areas they are struggling with in order to help them improve and get their desired result."
What is your favourite thing about tutoring on Tutorfair?

"I have been teaching via Tutorfair for more than 6 years and have been introduced to more than 200 students! I also love the booking system."


Scott D

Scott is Durham PhD graduate with a passion for education, teaching and coaching. In addition to his PhD, he has a first class masters degree and an award for academic excellence. However, it didn't always come easy and Scott had to discover strategies and techniques that worked well in order to reach these levels. Scott attributes this as one of the reasons he is able to tutor so effectively now.
What makes you an expert tutor Scott?

"I started tutoring undergraduates while at Durham in 2008 and enjoyed it so much it became my professional career. I realised that tutoring was something I was good at when students started to replicate my results and look forward to our sessions.

To be an effective tutor, you must be more than just a great teacher. It also requires being a great coach and mentor. I quickly get to know my students on multiple levels; from their personality, to their current skill levels, abilities and goals. I always personalise lessons to meet the needs of the student and focus on the things that will have the biggest impact on achieving their goals such as setting goals on a regular basis and focussing on skill building and understanding rather than memorisation."
What is your favourite thing about tutoring on Tutorfair?

"I joined Tutorfair back in 2016. To date, I’ve done almost 2,000 hours of tutoring through the platform and gained 89 5* reviews from students and parents. Tutorfair excels at finding great matches between a student and a tutor and I love how easy it is for clients to make repeat bookings, so I can focus on the tutoring. The team has also been an absolute pleasure to work with!"

Raphael O

For Raphael maths and physics are languages which speak volumes to him, but it hasn't always been like this. Although he was good at basic maths he would not be the first person in class to understand the new concepts being taught. As a result of this Raphael had to teach himself methods which broke down the dense barriers most of us face when we meet these two subjects. Raphael developed techniques that he teaches to his students to create a deep understanding of the underlying topic in a way that does not assume they were born with Einstein's adult mind.
What makes you an expert tutor Raphael?

"During my own youth, being a senior NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) in the Army Cadet Force - leading scores of young cadets - and helping out at an after-school club for primary school children for the volunteering portion of my Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award all convinced me that working with and supporting young people was in my future.

Fast forward a few more year's graduating from Lancaster University with a 1st Class Master's Degree in Astrophysics & Cosmology. And over 8 years experience working with students of all abilities and backgrounds, I cannot see myself doing anything else but helping to demystify the worlds of Maths and Physics for future generations. I teach with the ethos that I simply need to find the approach which works for 'that' student so they can surpass all expectations. My students all come to realise this is true too."

What is your favourite thing about tutoring on Tutorfair?

"My favourite thing about tutoring at Tutorfair is that I can support more than one student at a time in the same lesson! My online A Level Maths Online Study Group lets me teach a whole group of students for only £15 which is a fraction of the price it would cost them otherwise."

Ben P

Ben studied maths at Oxford University and then worked in the city before becoming a maths teacher. Ben taught maths at Westminster School for nine years before becoming a full time tutor. He has thousands of hours of teaching and tutoring experience right across the school age range. Ben has helped students prepare for entrance exams to virtually all the top schools and universities in the UK.
What makes you an expert tutor Ben?

"I’d say my biggest strength is my ability to explain ideas clearly. I’ve been told by a client that they’re sure I could explain anything to anyone. I passionately believe that students will get better results, and more enjoyment, if they really understand the key ideas behind what they’re studying, as opposed to just learning a process. A clear explanation is absolutely vital, and the explanation that works can be different for every student.  I love the “lightbulb moment” when an idea suddenly starts to make sense in the student’s mind."
What is your favourite thing about tutoring on Tutorfair?

"I love the range of students I get to work with. One lesson I could be teaching 11+ maths, the next might be Oxbridge preparation. The variety keeps things fresh and interesting!"


Luke S

Luke is an Aerospace Engineering (with Economics) graduate of Pembroke College, Cambridge (MA & MEng), with first class results in papers as diverse as 'Thermofluid Mechanics' and 'PDEs and Variational Methods'. As an undergraduate scholar of the Institutions of Civil and Mechanical Engineers, as well as the Society for Underwater Technology, Luke is well placed to prepare students applying for a range of STEM subjects at Oxbridge and yea Imperial. Luke also provide tutoring services in an array of subjects, specialising in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Economics.
What makes you an expert tutor Luke?

"The 2013 Teach First Summer Institute provided a rigorous pedagogical foundation for my near-decade long private tutoring career. My tutoring strategy is influenced by the problem solving approach of the esteemed Prof. Kreyszig, who stressed the need to interpret the real consequences of the application of a theoretical model, be it understanding the output of a Maths equation in the context of the physical world or refining classical economic theory for the nuances of the modern age. This has been pivotal to the top grades achieved by many of my students."
What is your favourite thing about tutoring on Tutorfair?

"Tutorfair has been formative in defining the role of the professional tutor, ensuring that high quality education is accessible for all."
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