Top tips for going back to school!

March 10, 2021 by Alex
Image Top Tips for Making Returning to School Easier

Students and parents will be understandably nervous about returning to school again after many months of home and virtual learning. We've put together some top tips to make going back to school a little easier: from setting goals to prioritising socialising!

1. Set goals together
With many students having to re-adapt to the classroom environment, now can be a great time to try to agree on some goals together for this upcoming year. These don't necessarily need to be large goals, however, it often helps to be as specific as possible, for example: "I aim to keep my notes up to date in Biology”, and “I aim to get my homework done on a Friday evening to stop me feeling panicked on a Sunday night".

2. Create a homework action plan 
Students may be used to their independence now that they have spent considerable time learning at home. Therefore, if they’re receiving homework then allow them to take ownership of their work schedule. This ownership gives your child an element of control and accountability. Ask them whether there is any way that you can help facilitate their action plan, for example by getting them a whiteboard or term-time calendar. Structure is key to every good action plan, so try to establish a routine early on. Having this plan can also mean that reminding them of what you agreed on is more likely to be seen as support, rather than just nagging.

3. Keep up to date with changes to assessments and exams
Parents can help to be supportive by taking an active interest in their child's school work and upcoming assessment dates. This doesn’t have to be too in-depth but simply showing an interest can make a huge difference. Not only does it increase the perceived importance of hard work, but it communicates to them that should they need some support it is there for them. Having a weekly time to talk about work can give them a chance to tell you they’re struggling, or receive praise if they’re working hard. Opening up communication around school work is very important, not only does it help you understand the type of person your child is becoming, you can also spot signs of them feeling overwhelmed early on.

4. Check on student wellbeing
Life is not just about Maths and English. Not only do extracurricular activities offer your child some much needed academic down-time, they can actually help develop processes that will help your child in school. For example, research has shown that playing a musical instrument can have a dramatic effect on the parts of the brain used in all learning. Parents could ask the school for a list of extracurricular activities on offer and discuss what they might like to try. Whether it is dance, music, gardening, sports, coding or crafts. Hobbies are a great way to make friends and learn new skills!

5. Talk to your children about catching up with their friend groups
Now, more than ever, it is crucial for children to reconnect with the classmates. Your child will learn as much from their friends as almost anyone else during their school years and the way they develop relationships now can be hugely beneficial to the rest of their lives.. Take an active interest in who they are friends with and try to get to know them. Be a role model for your child, teach them to listen and be polite, share, and respect others’ opinions.

6. Find a tutor to increase confidence and make up for lost learning 

We hope you find back to school advice helpful. If you would like some extra help and support from our tutors this term, you can contact our tutors through messages, and tell them what your tutoring goals are for the school year.

Find an online tutor and start your learning journey! 

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