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July 22, 2015 by Tara Haripaul
Image Otman is a student at Paddington Academy, who is currently in year 10 and preparing for his GCSE's. Unfortunately Otman was absent for five months of school and really needed some extra support to help him catch up with the work he had missed. Thankfully, Fahmid C volunteered through The Tutorfair Foundation to help!

Fahmid (pictured right) is a mechanical engineering student who is currently on his professional training year at Ford Tara Blog Fahmid 3Motor Company, which he balances with tutoring work. Otman is extremely grateful of Fahmid's support in Maths which is evident from his interview with us below...

Tutorfair: "How have you been finding the sessions with Fahmid?"
Otman: "He is really useful and these lessons have been really helpful. I've been catching up on all the things I've missed since I left and it's been great having him!"
Tutorfair: "How how much Maths have you managed to catch up with in the four weeks you spent with Fahmid?"
Otman: "Three quarters of the work I missed"
Tutorfair: "If there is anything you would like us to pass on to Fahmid, what would it be?"
Otman: "Just thank you and he's been really helpful"
Tutorfair: "If there are any students next year in year 11 who are unsure about tutoring, what would you say to them?"
Otman: "I would say it would be a stupid decision not to take this tutoring because it really is an opportunity to catch up or just to get better at the subject."

Tara Blog Fahmid 1

A huge thank you to Fahmid and our other volunteer tutors who generously give their time through The Foundation, helping students like Otman.  We hope it's clear how invaluable your work is.

Lastly, we hear a few words from Fahmid about his own experience of tutoring at Paddington Academy!

“Working at Paddington Academy was an amazing opportunity. It not only gave me a chance to meet and help a wide variety of students, it helped improve my skills as a tutor as well. The experience I gained can help me in becoming a better tutor for all the other students I can teach. Simply put, I enjoyed the experience and gained a lot. Thanks Tutorfair!”
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