The Summer Slide

September 15, 2015 by Tara Haripaul
Image Throughout July and August, Tutorfair helped run the amazing Summer Slide programme in partnership with educational charity SEO Scholars. Over the past two months, year 11-12 students from underprivileged backgrounds were invited to daily tutoring sessions in the AS or A-Level subjects that they would be studying this coming Academic Year.

The tutoring sessions were held by our wonderful volunteer tutors at Tutorfair. Here's what a few tutors had to say about their volunteering experience...


"I hoped that through volunteering with The Tutorfair Foundation I would be able to help out underprivileged students who wanted to do their best. I didn't expect that it would be so fun! It was great working with a group of students motivated enough to attend classes in the summer holidays, hearing about their tough experiences with exams and seeing them improve in a short span of time. I definitely recommend volunteering for Tutorfair!" - Rachael T

"The Summer Slide was a great experience for me. The students were motivated, interested and enthusiastic. It was a pleasure and a privilege helping them to consolidate their knowledge in physics." -Alfredo C


"I thoroughly enjoyed the Summer Slide - it was in equal measure a challenging, fun and rewarding experience and I would not hesitate to participate again. That Tutorfair provides these opportunities, and to see such talented tutors and students taking part, is a credit both to the institution and the people it connects. It is an invaluable service, and I hope to see (and take part in) Summer Slide events in years to come." - Niall K

"Volunteering as a tutor was fun and challenging. One-on-one interaction requires an incredible amount of dedication and it can get a little daunting. That said, when you and your student finally crack the question, you know it's been worth it." - Aakeen P 

Thinking of volunteering with us? Click here to sign up!



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