How to Switch your Lessons Online

March 19, 2020 by Hannah
Image As you know, with the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak we're facing weeks of uncertainty with social distancing and schools closing tomorrow. One thing that's certain is that we at Tutorfair are already set up to support students and tutors with online lessons.

As a team at Tutorfair, we're fully committed to helping you and our small team have been working around the clock this week to support our students and tutors in any way we can. We thought we'd put together a handy list of FAQs for anyone who might have any queries about going ahead with online lessons.

What kind of software do I need?

In short -none! The great thing about online tuition is that all you need is a laptop with a webcam and a quiet space so you can hear each other.

How can I book lessons once the schools close? 

As schools are closing and people have begun to practice social distancing, there has been an increase in demand for online lessons - which is great!

If you already have in-person lessons booked, you can ask your tutor to switch them to online instead of cancelling. If your tutor has a  different online price just get in touch with the Tutorfair office and we can arrange a partial refund once the lesson has taken place.

On Tutorfair, tutors can reserve lesson timeslots for clients as 'online'. Just make sure they have done this first before adding the lesson to your basket and making your payment.

How many lessons can I book?

The great thing about the Tutorfair platform is that you can choose how many lessons you'd like to book and how you wish to pay for them. You can either pay for these weekly and your tutor will continually book these on a pay-as-you- go system - just ensure you book them all through the system so we can process your refund if the lesson doesn't take place.

Alternatively, you can make a block booking. Feel free to ask your tutor if there might be a discount for block booking. (Please note, as tutors set their own prices this is at their discretion!)

What if I'm not sure I want to go ahead with my lesson right now?

If you are not sure you want to go ahead right now, you can always ask your tutor to put the lesson on hold. Once you have agreed a new lesson time your tutor just needs to let us know and we can update it on the system for you! This means you won't have to rebook the lesson again.

What if I'd like to cancel my lesson?

If your tutor cancels any pre-existing lessons you will be automatically refunded and you will receive a confirmation email for your cancellation.

To be fair to our tutors, we will still be maintaining our 24 hour cancellation policy. Therefore, we will only refund the cost of a lesson if it is cancelled through the site with more than 24 hours' notice unless the tutor agrees otherwise. This allows our tutors to manage their available time slots and fit in all the students who want to book them.

How do I find an online tutor?

Finding an online tutor is easy! You can filter your search by the subject, subject level and budget. You might even consider finding a tutor near you if you are hoping  to switch to in-person in the future. Start your search here

We know that not every subject is necessarily suited to teaching online, but if online learning is suitable for you, we hope that these options will help you decide how to continue with lessons for the foreseeable future.

We hope you’ll find these FAQs helpful in understanding your options relating to your booking. If you’d like to any help at all do contact:
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