Summer Camp with a Tech Twist

July 23, 2013 by Sebastian Kotur
Image Digital Summer Camp - Schools Day hosted by TechMix, took place last week on the 12th of July. For those of you not familiar: Digital Summer Camp was designed for tech companies to showcase their latest digital learning technologies, hottest gadgets, digital innovations and projects to the participating school students and teachers. Students enjoyed a range of activities -  from building robots to hacking the web - beware @pentagon.

The Department for Education came to hear presentations from some fascinating EdTech at a PitchFest hosted by Tutorfair's very own…

…Edd Stockwell. Manga High, Night Zookeeper, Eduvee, Zondle, PoraOra and Show My Homework were invited to present their innovations and ideas on technology in support of learning to the DfE judges.


Edd Stockwell said, “The Department for Education were really impressed with all the companies who presented.  They provided immediate feedforward and are holding follow-up calls with all the entrepreneurs to see what else they can do to help.  Tutorfair is delighted to be part of and support the UKs vibrant EdTech community; many thanks to the judges and entrepreneurs for taking part.”

With over 2,000 teachers and students in attendance including a visit by His Royal Highness, Prince Andrew, The Duke of York, it’s safe to say the day was a huge success.  For the latest in the UK’s EdTech scene, @TechmixMag is definitely one to watch.


Tutorfair’s use of technology makes it easier for parents and schools to connect with more educators and enables us to go the extra mile and provide free tutoring for children who cannot afford it.  38% of kids in London have tutoring, if Tutorfair’s child for a child mission grows it will make a huge difference to those children who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford tutoring.

Also a special thanks to Matt Writtle for the images above. For more information about Tutorfair or any of the education companies mentioned above please email
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