Max W: Spanish, Politics and History tutor in London

Sebastian Kotur

February 01, 2014

imageThis week we would like to introduce Max W, an enthusiastic History tutor who speaks fluent Spanish and also teaches Politics. He is a relaxed and thorough personal tutor who likes to use humour and stories to teach so that his students enjoy his lessons. So let’s find out a little more about him…

Max, why do you love tutoring?

It gives me the chance to pass on knowledge in a way that I would have appreciated it being passed on to me. I also want to make a difference to people’s lives and to improve their educational potential.

Who inspired you in education?

I had a fantastic Politics tutor at university. She was the only one who challenged me to better myself and to put more effort into the learning process. She was an inspiration while I was at university.

What else do you get up to besides tutoring?

I am a postgraduate Law student so I spend quite a lot of time studying. I also run half-marathons and really like cooking!


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If you had a superpower what would it be?

I would love to be a telekinetic – to have the ability to move things with my mind. Think Magneto from X-Men but with everything and not just metals!

What advice would you give to a parent on how to find a tutor?

I would say that it really depends on the child and what suits them. Parents need to check that the tutor’s personal style or strength suits their child. It’s best to find someone who will not be too chummy with the student and will focus on the learning experience.

Want to meet Max? Please view his short video below:

Subjects taught by Max:

History - A-Level, GCSE, Common Entrance, 11+, AS

Politics - A-Level, AS

Spanish - A-Level, GCSE, Common Entrance, AS

If your child needs some help with Spanish or other Humanities subjects then please click here to visit Max’s profile page and book a lesson.

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