Why Skype tutoring is only the tip of the iceberg for online lessons

June 03, 2020 by Alex
Image A recent survey of Tutorfair tutors from earlier this year revealed that Skype tutoring is still the top choice for many online tutors with 86% of respondents using Skype to tutor online. Those looking for Skype tutoring will find thousands of tutors ready to connect and teach! 

However, with online learning becoming crucial to students during this year’s lockdown, we have seen tutors use a range of different software and learning technology to make online lessons engaging, interactive and as effective as in-person tutoring. Here is a breakdown of the softwares our tutors are choosing to use for online tutoring at the moment! 


Skype tutoring has been around for years enabling tutors and students to connect across the world. It's a great choice for online tutoring due to its simplicity. Many people already have a Skype account, and with video-conferencing and screen sharing, it meets the lesson requirements for many subjects. Many tutors use Skype in conjunction with a different software, such as online whiteboards like bitpaper.io or collaborative working tools like Google Docs.


Zoom is a close second preference for our tutors. It's a video-conferencing software which during the pandemic has become the tool of choice for many users due to its lower bandwidth requirements. We have seen Zoom tutoring emerge with some tutors preferring the platform to Skype.


Bramble is a relatively new learning platform designed by educators, for educators - with the added benefit of requiring relatively low bandwidth. While video-conferencing is available, the platform instead focuses on ease of use by defaulting to the online whiteboard. Bramble has been the platform of choice for the Tutorfair Foundation’s online tutoring programme, as well as our group lesson tutors. 

Google Hangouts / Meetings

Anyone with a Gmail account can use Google Meet. With video conferencing and screen sharing, those comfortable with any of the Google Suite software may find it easier to use this in conjunction with Google Docs, Slides or Sheets.

This is just the start! There are many more online learning tools and resources available, including Microsoft Teams, Bitpaper, FaceTime and, of course, Tutorfair’s online classroom.

It’s incredible that there are many fantastic platforms to choose from when remote learning has become a necessity to continue study during lockdown. On Tutorfair, tutors can decide which platform suits them best for their online lessons. So, whether you are looking for a Skype tutor, Zoom classes, Bramble lessons or interactive sessions in online classrooms like Tutorfair’s, there’s lots of amazing technology to make online tutoring effective, engaging and fun!

If you are looking for a private online tutor, start your search here! Tutorfair has thousands of online tutors teaching hundreds of subjects across the UK. 
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