Should I retake my A Levels?

July 28, 2015 by Shannon Cunningham
Image The A Levels can be a make or break you thing for many students. They can determine whether you gain admission to the university of your dreams or any university for that matter. Also, A Level scores can hold you back from receiving the degree you want. If you don’t obtain high enough scores in the subjects you need for your degree, then you cannot pursue that career path.

Call and check, it never hurts to ask!

If you did not receive the scores you were hoping, don’t panic. Take a deep breath and consider some options you may have available to you. First, you should contact the university/universities that you were seeking admission to and ask if they have had many applicants to your field of study. If they have openings, you may be able to get in with your current scores. It never hurts to check!

Retaking the A Levels

Check to see if your school or college will allow you to resit your A Levels. If they don’t allow retakes, then look into other schools or college that may let you resit them.

If you are considering retaking your A levels, you should talk to your teacher to see if they think you will do any better on your second attempt. Many students achieve better scores the second time around, however, everyone differs. Referring to your GCSE scores can also help in determining whether or not it’s worth it for you to retake the exams. Many schools and colleges use GCSE scores to predict how pupils will perform on A Levels.

If you are planning to retake the exams, then you will need to officially decline your offers from universities in order to start the retaking process. A Levels can only be taken again during the summer, usually in June. You can talk to your Head of Sixth Form or class tutors to receive more information about retaking A Levels for individual subjects.

What is the best decision for me?

You should really think hard about if you want to retake the A Levels. If you truly gave it your best shot the first time and don’t think you’ll improve, why take it again and waste that time? Also, if you put forth your best effort on a subject you need for your degree and didn’t do as well as you were hoping, you should determine whether this career is the one for you or if you should pursue another path.

Provide an explanation

Don’t worry about universities judging you based on the fact that you took your A Levels again because declined A Level grades are not displayed anywhere. Although when you re-apply for the university/universities, you can explain why it has taken longer for you to  complete your A Levels in your personal statement. When applying for subjects such as medicine and veterinary science, most universities will not accept pupils who have taken 3 years to complete their A Levels unless there have been extenuating circumstances.

Achieving the best possible scores can be difficult and very trying at times. Tutorfair has many tutors who are willing to help you as much as you need to help improve your scores and achieve your dreams.

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