Seven reasons why smart software is becoming a ‘must have’ for tutors

November 10, 2014 by Breanna
Image The one-to-one model of private tutoring has worked well for years, and as we all know, the tutor ‘industry’ is booming. The secret’s out: tutors play a vital role in driving their students’ success. But is it ever possible to offer the ‘perfect’ service? There’s almost an unlimited amount of preparation you could do, and a sea of resources out there that you could wade through. Worst of all, when it gets to Easter, it’s almost impossible to balance workload and quality… if you've ever planned a session on the tube on the way to your tutee’s house, you’re definitely not alone!!

At Create a Test, we had previously built assessment software targeted at maths teachers in secondary schools. This software lets a teacher create very targeted, professional assessment papers in minutes, tracks each student’s performance, and lets users create tailored assessments for students in seconds. We’ve had a lot of early success, and are endorsed by the Manchester Grammar School and Mossbourne Community Academy, amongst others. But the really interesting thing was this: several of our users were also tutors, and they kept telling us how useful Create a Test was for their tutoring.

So we asked ourselves: why shouldn't tutors get access to software like this? How would software like this help tutors (aka, you!)? We've had several tutors adopt Create a Test already, and the friendly folk at Tutorfair have also given us plenty of their time. Here are seven of the biggest benefits people get from using software like ours, which provide good food for thought:

  1. Incredibly easy to build between-session and in-session question papers, targeted any way you want: This is at the core of what we do. Create a Test contains a bank of 1000’s of questions searchable by difficulty level and subject sub-topic. Even better, you can regenerate questions to refresh the numbers used, meaning you can have an endless supply of questions.

  2. Great brainstorming tool: Unsure if your tutee really ‘gets’ what you’ve run through on averages… but know they love cricket and want to make things engaging? Simply scroll through our highly filterable bank of questions in seconds, grab bits you like, then change a boring looking data series into a question on batting averages! CAT_Question Bank screenshot

  3. Be “exam-board-proof”: All our questions can be filtered by exam board and are maintained to the latest curriculum. You can be sure you don’t get that awkward and deflating moment when your tutee can’t answer a question that they’ve never been taught how to do.

  4. One-click personalised tests: Picture the scene – there’s a minute of the session left, you’ve got to shoot across town to your next tutee then the mum comes in and asks if you could set homework. Create a Test really comes into its own here – we can track every score every student gets on every question, and have built one-click functionality that can, for example, generate a test based on the last 20 questions that your tutee answered incorrectly. It’s ready by the time you’ve finished answering “No problem” to the mum!

  5. Professional look and feel boosts your standing with your tutee and their parents: Each paper is professionally assembled with an exam-style front cover, and formula sheets can be included. Best of all, you can tailor the paper name – tutees love seeing their name on the front page!Create a test for your students

  6. Access anywhere, no need to update: Access Create a Test from any web browser – if your tutee has access to a computer, no need to bring anything with you or rely on them having textbooks. Also, all of your students’ scores and papers are saved remotely, so you have no need to worry about archiving and losing your work or tutees’ scores. Best of all, updates will be ready for you as soon as you log on – no need to download anything!

  7. Track and show your student’s progress: Create a Test tracks every student’s performance and lets you see, for every sub-topic of the syllabus, their strengths and weakness. We’re also developing some pretty cool charting output, which you’ll have access to as soon as it’s released. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to use our analytics to show as many charts, line graphs and tables as are needed to pacify those super-keen parents!

When you get used to these benefits, it’s hard to go back. But here’s the really interesting question – as other tutors start using software like this as a part of their daily routine, can you really afford not to?


Create a Test provide software for Maths tutors with students at the KS3/GCSE level, across all UK syllabuses and the iGCSE. While a license normally costs £250 per annum for schools and £150 per annum for tutors, we’re really happy to say that Tutorfair Maths tutors get a 20% discount: a full-year, unlimited use license costs £120. What’s more, for every Tutorfair purchase, £15 will go to the Tutorfair foundation. Not bad for something that saves you time and keeps you ahead of the game!

Visit and use discount code “tutorfair”.

Contact me at, and follow us on Twitter (@createatest) for free assessment papers and more!
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