Robotics Workshop for Children

Rachael C

January 17, 2018

Robotics Workshops run by Inspired Minds teach children to build and program robots. The Tutorfair Foundation sent students from one of our partner school along.

What happens at a children's robotics workshop?

The students learnt how robotics and circuit boards work through practical sessions. First they took apart an electical toy to see how it worked, then they assembled a robot using a controller chip. Once they'd formed teams to take them on a mission to mars, they then coded their own robots for a race.

students with robot

Later the students built and coded a Crumble:Bot ready for an engineering challenge. This involved adding arms to their creations and a whole lot of paint!

Children's responses to the Robotics Workshop
The children loved the workshop. Three students from one of our partner schools got to take part in the workshop for free. One student said his favourite part was, "racing the robots." Another said, "I like when the robots can talk to each other and when they battle. In the future I think we'll have droids like in star wars...maybe in 200 years!"

building robots

racing robots

It was a massively inspiring workshop and a rare opportunity for these children from a disadvantaged background who don't have access to such exciting extra curricular activities. We're thrilled about working with Inspired Minds in offering unique experiences to help with closing the attainment gap.

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