Remote volunteering - Faisa's story

October 27, 2020 by Tas F
Image Remote tutoring has changed the way we support young learners, but at the same time it has given our volunteers the opportunity to hone their online tutoring skills.  Faisa, one of our English Literature tutors, talks to us about her remote tutoring experience and how it has helped her develop the confidence to deliver online tutorials.

A little bit about you - your story up to now

I am currently studying MA Policy Studies in Education at UCL and started tutoring with Tutorfair back in 2018.   Although I have enjoyed tutoring on their growing platform, I didn't have the opportunity to take part as a volunteer for the Tutorfair Foundation due to my busy schedule as a university student who was already tutoring several students.  However, at the end of March 2020 the Tutorfair Foundation was offering opportunities to tutor remotely and this was perfect for me at the time as I was at home completing my studies.  I was no longer commuting to my job working at a school due to the school closure and felt that tutoring online was the perfect opportunity to support students with their learning.  I was fortunate enough to take part in the summer school tutoring programme that lasted until September where I was able to support a year 10 student with English Literature.

How have you found tutoring online?  Does it fit OK with the way you like to tutor?  Do you enjoy it or are you finding it taxing?

I really enjoyed tutoring online as it worked well alongside my own online lectures.  I was able to switch from my online lectures to online tutoring and assist my student without having to worry about the commute.  I also enjoyed using the platform that the Foundation has for online lessons as it was interactive and allowed both the student and the tutor to be able to share the same screen and engage well.

How have you found the technology?  What issues have you had and have you managed to find solutions?

The technology has been largely fine - there have been days where the online platform glitches out for the students where we would have microphone issues and such, but we navigated these small glitches without much disruption to the lessons.

Would you recommend the programme to other tutors?  If so, why?  If not, why not?

I would recommend the programme to other tutors without hesitation.  Particularly given the current climate where face to ace tutoring might not be an option for a good while.  Online tutoring is great as it provides a safe space for learning to continue and the student and tutors can still interact with one another.  The Foundation is on hand to support throughout the day and the team is dedicated to their students and tutors to make sure that online classes take place smoothly.  They are easy to reach out if any technical issues arise during an online lesson.

Are there any other comments you'd like to add?

I have thoroughly enjoyed tutoring online as it was nice to see students dedicated to their learning despite the disruptions they have faced.  I feel more confident during online tutoring and it is something that I hope to continue doing now and in the future.

Access to online tutoring

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