Recommend a Friend to Tutorfair


July 04, 2019

Here at Tutorfair, we want to encourage our tutors to go the extra mile to support clients by referring other tutors for work they can’t do themselves. What’s more, tutors can receive referral commission on these bookings.

Recommend a Friend

At Tutorfair, it is important to us to try and expand the tutoring community which is why we've added our handy referrals system (plus we are the only tutoring site that offers referrals!)

If you are not able to help a client but you have friend who you think might be a good fit for that client then simply ask them to register and refer them to that client and you'll earn a 6% referral fee. This comes out of our commission and straight into your account.

How do I refer a friend? 

You will need to ensure you select "refer another tutor" from your messages and once the client books a lesson with them, they’ll be tied to your account you'll earn money on every lesson they sell.

By recommending friends, we can see that you are taking active steps to help build the tutor community and it can also provide a great way to help your friends gain some extra work!

How else can I earn referrals?

You can also earn referrals by referring an existing tutor on the platform or  you can even refer yourself to clients who are not yet on Tutorfair.

Having more lessons going through Tutorfair will improve your ranking on the site (total number of hours is one of the things we track).

For more information on referrals and how you can earn more, visit our handy support centre article 

Or visit our recent blog: how to earn more if you refer more.