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October 13, 2014 by Breanna
Image 40% of students in London have a private tutor, and is where you can find the best tutors in your local area. We have hundreds of vetted and trained tutors covering subjects from Maths and English to Admissions and Music. We also promise that for every student who pays, Tutorfair gives free tutoring to a child who can’t afford it.

Not only is Tutorfair the socially responsible way to find tutors but your PTA can earn ~£60 per student through recommending Tutorfair. All parents need to do is sign up to Tutorfair via your PTA fundraising  link.

On average parents spend £1,200 on tutoring. As a website Tutorfair can afford to take less commission than a traditional agency and tutors get to give back through the one-for-one mission, which is why so many great tutors are on Tutorfair.

Their 'child for child' promise ensures that tuition is not just for 'the privileged few' and replaces the X-Factor (X for eXpensive) with the Feel Good Factor. It's helicopter parenting with a conscience; the educational equivalent of off-setting your (naughty) air miles.” -

Plus, PTA fundraising is quick and easy to set up:

  1. We create a unique link including your code

  2. You share it with parents, friends, groups on email, Facebook, blogs, school website etc.

  3. When a new student books a tutor we pay you commission.

A few more details:

  • For now, Tutorfair is only in London and surrounding areas.

  • Payments are made monthly in arrears.

  • On average, parents spend £1,200 on private tuition and your PTA earns ~£60 (5%) of everything spent on tutoring over a year. Percentages are calculated from pre-social, pre-VAT hourly rates.

  • Client must sign up via the PTA’s link for the commission to be tracked.

For example: If a tutor costs £30/hr and a parent booked 40 lessons over 4 months the school PTA would receive £15/month for four months.

This is a great way for your PTA to raise funds for your school, whilst helping those children who can’t afford a tutor.  Tutorfair's free tutoring had helped over 2,500 children by 2015.

If your PTA would like to sign up please fill in this form. If you have any more questions please email Breanna at
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