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May 01, 2013 by Sebastian Kotur
Image “I love maths. I love it. I do. I love maths. I could do it for days and not get bored.”

But can you put into words WHY you love it…

Our specialised UCAS workshops, which we set up in various schools around London, have proved to be…

…a great experience for pupils and tutors alike. We assist pupils in tackling the often dauting task of filling out their university applications, as well as helping them identify their strengths and work out what they would like to do both as a course and in general life.

Here are a few words from two of our tutors who recently participated in one of these events:



Almost exactly 10 years since I filled out my own UCAS form, I found myself boarding a minibus to north London with 10 other Tutorfair tutors, with the aim of helping the young people of Oasis Academy Enfield to do the same. On arrival, we were divided into four groups: student finances, choosing a course, choosing a university and personal statements. My group were working on how to write a good personal statement.

Some students had clearly thought a lot about their chosen subject, while others were less clear. Highlights of the day included a young man telling me he didn’t have any experience in his chosen field (IT) and then remembering that his teacher asks him to fix the school computers… and a girl who passionately loves maths but couldn’t explain why, eventually realising she was satisfied by things being either wrong or right.

The students found out things they didn’t know about each other (one had been a champion trampolinist), started to gain confidence and, I hope, learned that each has something unique and special to offer the university of their choice.



On 28th March, a group of 10 Tutorfair tutors set off to help a group of sixth formers begin the ever-arduous process of working out what they want to do after school. All the students were very lively and switched on with a wide and varied set of hopes and ambitions.

We, the tutors, hopefully offered some good advice on what the next key steps are after finishing school. Lots of the students discovered new ideas and possible future career paths –anything from 3D printing to marine biology and palaeontology to maths and philosophy.

The tutors and students all agreed that this was a really great, fun day of activity – something that shows Tutorfair is having an awesome impact on young people. After all, learning about how to navigate your way through the endless range of choices, UCAS statements, examination grade requirements and the rest is so often an overwhelming task!


The goal here was to offer a bit of encouragement and essentially open up the world of opportunities available to young people – and this was well and truly achieved, so it was a job well done by everyone!

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