Online Volunteer Tutoring - Mobolaji's Story

May 27, 2020 by Tas F
Image The Tutorfair Foundation prides itself on the fantastic tutors and volunteers who commit their time and efforts to helping students who feel left behind in their studies. We reached out to one such volunteer and tutor, Mobo, to get his thoughts on the experience so far.

Tell us a little bit about you…

Hello! I am Mobolaji but frequently called Mobo. I completed my master’s degree in Statistics and Operational Research at University of Essex ( with Distinction) and I currently work part time as a Data Analyst. I support organisations with their projects - mostly involving analysis. I love teaching and sharing my knowledge with others. My strength is in breaking down complex topics into easier, understandable concepts. I am passionate about Mathematics and I can tutor at all levels up to degree stage. 

I am a Maths tutor on Tutorfair and I volunteer with the Tutorfair Foundation, supporting students who have been struggling with the subject. I live in Feltham, so before the lockdown I was travelling up to 15 miles to teach students face to face. Now, due to the restrictions, I have started teaching online which gives me the ability to reach out to students from all over UK.

How have you found tutoring during the lockdown?

Online teaching is quite different from classroom teaching, although somewhat more convenient for teachers. This is becoming the norm and everyone (both teachers and students) are rapidly adapting to online learning. I like this kind of teaching mostly because I do not need to commute to the location to reach the students. This saves a lot of travelling time which can then be added to the teaching time. It’s easy to share materials online and to record each session for the student. One major disadvantage is that you cannot physically be with your student which makes some students comfortable when you take them through the subject.

I currently use Bramble with the Tutorfair Foundation and it has been excellent. The platform allows me to share my material with the student, using different writing tools and automatically records all the session that can then be sent to the student with just a click. The issues with the platform are it only works through Chrome and the teacher cannot see the student when writing on the board. I think being able to see the student is a very important part of teaching as it helps you to get a sense of whether the student is understanding what they’re being taught. For my own tutoring, other platforms come in handy like Skype and Zoom - there are many available options to explore during online teaching

Would you recommend the Tutorfair Foundation’s online programme to others?

I see tutoring as an opportunity to consolidate the effort of their teachers in school. This programme gives you the opportunity to support students that are struggling with understanding the subject, building their confidence and helping them to be the best they can be. Students feel more comfortable expressing their understanding of the subject during one-to-one sessions, so you quickly get to know how best to support them. I would recommend other tutors to join the Foundation’s programme to provide support to more students - especially in this period when they need assistance more than ever.

If you would like to volunteer with the Tutorfair Foundation, you can get in touch at or head to our What’s On?  page to see some of the opportunities we have available.
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