On-Demand Tutoring - Top Volunteer Fiona Tells Her Volunteering Story

November 09, 2017 by Rachael C
Image Our On-Demand tutoring service recently launched and Fiona R was the first tutor to use it. We caught up with her to see what it's like to tutor through an app.

Fiona has a PhD in Pharmacology from Kings College London and completed post doc research at the University of Calgary in Canada. She moved back to the UK 3 years ago and has been tutoring maths & science ever since.

So Fiona, why did you start volunteering?
"I always felt uncomfortable with only being able to help students who could afford tuition and making the divide worse. I heard about Tutorfair and thought it was a really good idea. I wanted to give something back. It's not fair that some students don’t get the help they need because of income.

I signed up to volunteer and started in New Cross helping with year 11 GCSE maths. I met some capable students but there wasn’t really enough time as they had missed out on so much of the basics. Had I had another year then I could have helped more - they were keenly aware that they hadn’t had the help they needed earlier. That was hard.

When I heard about On-Demand, I’d just moved so couldn’t travel to the school but thought it’s a good way to help."

What's On-Demand tutoring like?
"Really good, but different. It's great when you ask the student about the next step and they get it straight away. That’s a bonus. It's rewarding to know I must have explained it well enough that they understand now."

On-Demand Tutoring

What's the greatest challenge in doing On-Demand tutoring?
"I’d done Skype tutoring before which is similar but you have to be more careful when writing rather than speaking. You need to think on your feet a lot quicker as you can’t leave the student hanging for too long. It’s good fun."

What would you say to someone who is considering volunteering On-Demand?
"Definitely go for it! The skills it teaches you will help in your general tutoring. The more you do, the more you'll build up a portfolio of go-to questions, graphs and illustrations. It’s flexible and for brief bits of time so it’s easy to fit around your schedule."

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