Tutorfair On-Demand: where tutors and teachers collaborate!

Tas F

June 06, 2019

Tutorfair On-Demand is an innovative tutoring app that gives students free instant access to volunteer maths tutors, especially those in hard to reach areas of Britain.  Since its launch in 2017, the app has been tested successfully in 28 schools and we're now looking to scale it up to help more kids.

Students love it and tutors enjoy the flexibility of being able to do good from the comfort of their home.  In addition, Tutorfair On-Demand encourages collaboration between tutors and teachers.  Teachers can track students progress, view the tutorials and provide feedback on tutoring sessions.

What students have to say about it:

Student A, one of the most recurring students to use the app says:

“I’m in Year 11 currently studying for my GCSE Maths. I found it difficult in my previous class as there was a lot of disruption and I never understood most of the work. Before using On-Demand, I found maths quite challenging and I wasn’t confident in maths.”

“Since using the platform, I have furthered my understanding of the topics I was struggling with.  I’ve also been moved to a new set which I am now getting on really well with.”


What’s On-Demand tutoring like?  A tutor's view....

"Really good, but different. It's great when you ask the student about the next step and they get it straight away. That’s a bonus. It's rewarding to know I must have explained it well enough that they understand now."


As a teacher, how has On-Demand helped you to manage students’ progress?   

“The system is transparent which makes it easy to track students’ progress and understand which topics they need further help with.  I like the idea of seeing the transcripts and providing feedback on the tutoring sessions!”


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