March 13, 2015 by Breanna
Image myKidsy is a website designed to help parents steer their kids' free time into educational fun. It is a digital source which offers engaging and innovative activities for children.

Unlike the abundance of websites currently available, which list all of the clubs, activities and events across the capital, myKidsy is unique in its ambition to encapsulate the whole of the children’s activity marketplace. Busy parents will no longer have to wade their way through the internet, searching for the desired club in the correct age range within their home postcode. myKidsy supplies all of this information in a user friendly one-stop website.

myKidsy activities

At its hub myKidsy aims to find and list the most pioneering and educational activities that go way beyond the local judo class. It is about helping parents find trusted courses that will incentivise and motivate their kids into hobbies and activities that will contribute to their further education and personal growth; with empathy for nature, love of sciences plus aspirations to be fit and healthy.

"myKidsy is a one stop shop to find and book kids' activities. We are designed to help parents steer their free time into educational fun."

Keep up-to-date with all of the events and activities happening near you by signing up to myKidsy's newsletter.  Sign up now!
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