More than helpful mannies: kid + protection = Kidtection

November 14, 2014 by Breanna
Image Kidtection is a unique childcare agency with the tween (8-12) and the teen (13-16) at its heart. Most childcare agencies are focused on the early years 0-8, and then parents hire Au Pairs.  If you’re looking for more, then you might want to consider Kidtection’s Kid Protection Specialists.

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A KPS is able to be involved with all elements of household management from paying bills, walking the dog, working with workmen, and organising all those little jobs a working parent just cannot do. In the evening, a little tutoring (depending of the KPS skill set) or recommending Tutors on Tutorfair.  Another service Kidtection offer is the holiday nanny, (a number of our male KPSs) have security licenses - your very own body guard for those riskier holidays in the world, or just for a single parent, or to follow you child down that ski slope in the Alps. A bouncer at that teenage party, or collect your teen from their first teen party. To be your eyes and ears on social media. After all it is not cool to have your parents on your Instagram or Facebook account, but it's OK to have your KPS.

All KPS candidates are 24+. Kids need someone to speak to, a iphone or ipad does not give you the warmth of a human at home.  It is important that we place KPSs in families whose values and boundaries can be shared. A KPS is the member of your team. Do spend a little time checking out our interesting website and do keep visiting for the teen hotspots.

The Mission Statement of the company is to help your children become independent adults, who think for themselves.

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