Meet Soraya - Polyglot, Volunteer, French Tutor

July 16, 2021 by Tas F
Image Since March last year, we adapted our volunteering programmes in response to the global pandemic to better assist students with their learning.  Since the launch of remote tutoring, we have seen  a significant surge in the number of volunteers.  Remote tutoring allows volunteers to make a difference from their comfort of their home while managing  their full time schedule.

A little bit about you - your story up to now and where you are after the lockdown?

A polyglot with a passion for languages, I tutor French, Arabic and Kabil.  I enjoy tutoring young learners and celebrate their accomplishment with a big BRAVO!  Besides languages, I am also a qualified AAT accountant and work in a primary school.  

Volunteering has long been on my mind however, managing a full time work schedule and being a mum of two previously restricted my availability to volunteer in person.  With the rise of online volunteering, joining the Foundation’s online volunteer network was the best way to give something back to society. 

How have you found tutoring online?  Does it fit OK with the way you like to tutor?  Do you enjoy it or do you find it taxing?

Online tutoring was a new experience that I explored during the pandemic. It was an excellent way to volunteer because it is flexible and there is no need to commute.  Second, it is a great way to gain experience in online teaching and learning through different  platforms. Online tutoring has been a rewarding experience and has allowed me to explore various ways of teaching to adapt to students’ learning styles.   

As a mum of two, time management is of essence and tutoring remotely is both convenient and flexible. Hooked onto the idea of zero commute and flexibility, I extended help to more students by augmenting the tutoring sessions.

How have you found the technology? What issues have you had and have you managed to find resolution?

The online technology was a great alternative to traditional face to face tutoring. The technology has encouraged many tutors to digitise their teaching methods to meet students' needs.  Using the online platform Bramble for the first time was quite easy but like any other software, there are restrictions. For example, uploading part of a document or completing a listening task together with the student are restricted. 

The lessons are easy to follow with the option of accessing previous recordings for recap or planning purposes. 

Would you recommend the programme to other tutors? If so, why? 

I would highly recommend this programme to anyone because of the simplicity of the whole process. Especially, if you’ve wanted to volunteer alongside juggling a full time schedule.  The team members at the Foundation are very helpful and interact throughout the process.  

Giving something back to the community from the comfort of your home makes you look forward to contributing even more. I am grateful for this opportunity and feel very happy to have contributed to students’ learning.  

Are there any other comments you’d like to add?

(Un grand BRAVO) A massive THANK YOU to the Foundation for this opportunity.  I’m already looking forward to the next placement and hope to support more students with their French.  Au revoir et à bientôt!

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