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June 12, 2018 by Tas F
Image Anthony M took on his first tutoring jobs while on a post A-Level gap year but over the past year, he has been honing his skills for the emerging online tutoring market.

Anthony's journey began, as so many do, helping friends of the family prepare for their GCSEs.  Word quickly spread and, after a matter of months, Anthony had built a small tutoring business in his hometown.

Anthony M - offering online tutoring for economics

At the beginning of the next Academic year, the charms of the north came calling and Anthony moved to Durham to study BA in History at the university.  Being many miles from his current client base, the only option was to make use of the standard online tutoring tools.

The ability to overcome distance and reduce travel time to 0, are clearly huge advantages of online tutoring. Until recently, this has felt like a trade-off between convenience and quality, however, Anthony explains how this is no longer the case…

“What I enjoy most about online tutoring is how similar it is to face-to-face tutoring.  I don’t find that I have to alter my teaching style, as the tools that I have completely recreate the experience of traditional tutoring. Through Skype and FaceTime, I am able to communicate effectively and develop a relationship with a student. I also use the interactive whiteboard tool ‘Ziteboard’ which allows me to draw diagrams, write notes, and in general have the same demonstrative tools that I would have in person.”

 “The freedom of both the video chat app and the interactive whiteboard means that in terms of economics - which is the subject I teach most regularly, I can communicate perfectly well. The diagram-based nature of economics means that I use the interactive whiteboard a lot, and the fact that students can add their own annotations onto diagrams that I draw means that learning can be participative - in fact, I use the app in person as well for the same purpose.”

 “Overall, I have found that results have been just as good for online tutoring as it has for face-to-face. If anything, the flexibility both for me and the student allows the student to complete more hours and make even more progress.”

Anthony has also begun volunteering for the Tutorfair Foundation, supporting Jason with his A-level economics. Once again, due to the distance, all tutoring has taken place online.

Jason is a recipient of a Crowd Scholars prize and a beneficiary of the Tutorfair Foundation. According to the Crowd Scholar founder Alex De Kegel, Jason is “getting on fine with the tutors and thoroughly enjoying the [online] tuition.” Jason added he "feels rather confident in economics after the first few sessions".

We just wanted to say a massive thank to Anthony for the voluntary tuition he’s providing,  and to wish Jason and all the other candidates at Crowd Scholars the best of luck in their exams.

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