Madeleine K: English and maths tutor in London

February 16, 2014 by Madeleine
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This week we would like to introduce Madeleine K, she provides top-notch private English, SATs, psychology and maths tuition.. plus lots more! With her developmental psychology background, Madeleine is highly qualified to improve her students’ cognitive (thinking) skills and to identify their individual needs and strengths. At our latest volunteering event, Madeleine wowed us with her power over a packed classroom as well as individual pupils. So let’s find out a bit more about her:

Madeleine, why do you love tutoring?

I find it a really rewarding experience. I love it when I can see that my students’ hard work pays off. I like to be able to focus their thoughts so they can achieve their best.

Who inspired you in education?

My third grade teacher, Mrs Granger. She made it fun to learn but we definitely learned at the same time! I am inspired by people who make education engaging!

What else do you get up to besides tutoring?

I’ve just trained as an actress to perform in film and on stage. So I have done professional work on TV. Look out for me on screen soon…


If you had a super power what would it be?

It would have to be invisibility - I’d like to be able to fly as well and float around. I’d love to have dual powers.

What advice would you give to a parent on how to find a tutor?

No matter how good the tutor, it’s really important to find someone who gets on with the student. They need to ‘click’.

Want to meet Madeleine? See below to watch her short video.

Subjects taught by Madeleine:

Psychology - Degree, A-Level, AS

University Advice- Degree, GCSE, AS


General Science- GCSE, Common Entrance, 11+

General Studies-  GCSE, AS

Maths- GCSE, Common Entrance, 11+, Primary


Admissions- Common Entrance, 11+, Primary

English- Common Entrance, 11+, Primary

Basic Skills - 11+, Primary

Eleven Plus - 11+

Physics - 11+


School Advice- 11+, Primary

Early Years Support

Oxbridge Admissions

If you or your child needs help with any of the above then please click here to visit  Madeleine’s profile page and book a lesson.

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