Top Tips for Learning in Lockdown from 11+ Tutor Vishal

May 07, 2020 by Hannah
Image Here at Tutorfair, we've been seeing many tutors and students finding new  ways to adapt their learning during the COVID-19 lockdown.

We recently spoke to Vishal N, one of our highly experienced 11+  tutors, who gave his top tips for learning in the lockdown.

Since the lockdown, I have found that tutors have become inundated with enquiries from parents themselves who are struggling to support their children with their education in these uncertain times. I have compiled some of my top tips that I have suggested to those close-by who have found useful:

  1. Find a good routine - not just any old routine, but a routine that works for BOTH your child and yourself. Thus, the first thing I would recommend (if you haven’t done so already) is to take an hour out of your day today and create a timetable. Nothing fancy - just the essentials such as setting some time for studying, exercising, perhaps cooking with your supervision of course and simply spending some quality family-time. There are not many opportunities in life that you get to wind down and spend some time with your children without being planned in advance. Make the most of it. 

  2. Make learning fun - now that you and your kids are not allowed to leave their house, you have to find creative ways to make learning engaging. You have the likes of Youtube for videos, resources for free (Twinkl and some other sites are offering free use of their resources) or just simply a pen and paper. Draw out experiments, use brainstorming sessions to come up with some interesting ideas for story writing, build a boat and see if it will be float, design a board game, the world really is your oyster. Let your child’s creativity flow and allow them to find happiness in learning something new or researching something that they have keen interest in. Remember learning doesn’t have to involve just reading from books! 

  3. Be adaptable - your child may want to do more Maths work one day or on another day they may want to just spend time engrossed in their favourite book. There is nothing wrong with that at all! Adapt the schedule or timetable according to how your child is feeling. These are testing times for everyone and even children need to be able to relax and sometimes feel free to make their own decisions (within reason). That freedom can often give them a sense of control of their day and can make a big difference to their attitude and mood. The aim over the next few weeks should be to foster a love of learning, yet allowing them to enjoy this down-time and really connecting with your child and building strong parent-child connections. 

Vishal N is one of our top 11+ and 13+ tutors. With over 15 years of experience, Vishal has prepared students for some of the top grammar schools in the country, including Westminster, Eton, and St Paul’s and others.

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