Tutoring the Large Data Set: Amir's Story

May 22, 2019 by Tas F
Image The Large Data Set is a new A-Level specification which requires students to analyse a large data and demonstrate that they are comfortable with it.  Those who study the Large Data Set can benefit from a material advantage through understanding how it works and how to interpret it.

Amir S is a Tutorfair Maths tutor who teaches the Large Data Set - here, he speaks to us about his contribution at ARK Evelyn Grace Academy in Brixton.

A former programme director at CATS College London and a private tutor for years, I decided to give something back!  Therefore, supporting the Foundation's Top Set Tutoring at ARK Evelyn Grace Academy seemed like a perfect fit!

How was your first day at ARK Evelyn Grace Academy?

My first day at ARK Evelyn Grace Academy went really well.  I worked with Lazaros Vastavos, the Director of Maths and had an in-depth discussion about the Large Data Set.  Together, we agreed on running a few sessions to help with exam preparation.

Initially, I thought I'd commit to volunteering for a couple of lessons per week but this was to change quickly.  Seeing how the students  had enjoyed the support made me decide that I would help out at the school for two full days per week.

The Large Data Set (LDS)

For my second session at ARK Evelyn Grace Academy, I ran a workshop on the Large Data Set for Year 13 students. The purpose of this workshop was to help students prepare for the upcoming exams.

Students explored the Large Data Set and learnt how to work with and interpret it.  They also had the opportunity to consolidate their learning by practising some sample exam questions based on the new A-Level specification.  In addition, students were provided with a workbook for independent learning.

I also conducted a short training session for some teachers at ARK Evelyn Grace Academy.

large data set

What are you currently working on?

Besides delivering lessons, I am creating an online workbook for Y13 students to help structure their A-Level revision. Furthermore, I'm working alongside the Director of Maths to generate resources for A-Level Maths.

What will you be working on this term?

Going forward, I will be providing support  to teachers at Evelyn Grace Academy and assist with the Large Data Set.  I will also support Year 13 students with group based interventions, including one to one support.

More information about The Large Data Set

Further information on the Large Data Set for AQA can be found here.  Click here if you would like to find out about Edexcel's Large Data Set.

Further information on how to teach statistics using large data sets can be found here.

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