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October 15, 2021 by Joanne
Image We are excited to announce new Online Study Groups ready for you to join during October half-term.

We launched our Online Study Groups as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our mission is to make tutoring fair. We realised the massive impact the pandemic was going to have on education and launched Online Study Groups.

Our groups are a great opportunity for students to learn in a collaborative environment with high-quality tutors - at 50% off their normal rate.

Why join our Online Study Groups?

Research has shown that study groups are a great way for students to encounter new and fresh perspectives which allows students to learn topics more thoroughly.

Our Online Study Groups are also 50% off the tutors normal rate which allows students to access expert tutors at a more affordable cost!

Here are some of the Online Study Groups waiting for you to join!

Maths Online Study Groups

Maths Groups

Baishakhi is a maths specialist who has a passion for maths and ensuring students achieve their goals!

Baishakhi's weekly Online Study Groups are £10 an hour:

Year 7 Mathematics group - Tuesday 7pm to 8pm

Non-Verbal Reasoning for Grammar school - Tuesday 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Science GCSE Online Study Groups

Biology, Chemistry and Physics

John J is an expert tutor and qualified teacher with extensive experience teaching all the sciences (biology, chemistry and physics). John J has experience teaching ages 11-18 in Key Stage 3, GCSE, IGCSE and A-level in different syllabuses.

John's weekly Online Study Groups are £15 an hour:

Biology GCSE/IGCSE - Monday 8pm to 9pm

Chemistry GCSE/IGCSE - Sunday 5pm to 6pm

Physics GCSE/IGCSE - Sunday 7pm to 8pm

Biology A-Level - Monday 12 pm to 1pm

How to ace your Science GCSE exam!

How to ace your Science GCSE exam: Command Words

Joanie is a qualified teacher and GCSE examiner with AQA. As an examiner Joanie has insight into the most common errors which cost valuable marks that are the difference between a grade 6 or grade 7. This group is for those who want to practice exam their exam technique to secure those all important marks.

Joanie's weekly Online Study Group is £15 an hour:

How to ace your Science GCSE exam: Command words - Monday 5:30pm to 6:30pm

English Online Study Groups

English Literature groups

Hazal is an expert tutor with experience teaching English from Key Stage 1 up to degree level. Due to her experience Hazal has a deep knowledge and understanding of core texts taught at English Literature.

Hazal's weekly Online Study Group is £40 an hour:

An Inspector Calls study - Saturday 12pm to 1pm

Macbeth GCSE study - Saturday 2:30pm to 3:30pm

Romeo and Juliet GCSE study - Sunday 11am to 12pm

Edexcel: Poems of the decade - Sunday 12pm to 1pm

Programming groups

Ashar is one of our top programming tutors who has been tutoring Computer Science for 5 years. Asher is extremely knowledgeable and tailors his sessions to the students needs.

Ashar's weekly Online Study Group is £15 an hour:

Python - Every Sunday and Wednesday 5pm to 6pm

Java - 5pm to 6pm Every Saturday


Please visit our Online Study Groups if you would like to view all our groups. Or alternatively, if you and a friend would be interested in forming a group then please email us at to help find a tutor for you!

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