Interview with an Educational Psychologist

October 31, 2013 by Sebastian Kotur
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We were introduced to Stephanie, an educational psychologist, and felt what she does would definitely be of interest to our readers.


Here, Stephanie answers some questions for us about what she does, which we hope you enjoy. Please be in touch at if you’d like to hear more.

So, Stephanie what do you do in your job?

As an Educational and Child Psychologist I aim to understand the cognitive and educational development of children and young people within the context of their home, school and community. Through my in-depth knowledge of learning and teaching, I enhance understanding of how children and young people think, learn and behave. I aim to bridge the gap between theory/research and practice, so as to maximise learning for all pupils!

Different modes of teaching and learning are most effective for different people. Working with you, your child and your child’s tutor, I aim to gain a clearer understanding of your child’s strengths and abilities, which will help us understand the teaching and learning strategies that are most effective for them. Using positive psychology, we will build upon your child’s strengths to maximise their learning and help them reach their full potential.
When might I want to use one?

You may want to use an Ed Psych in a number of different instances

  1. When you would like to learn more about your child’s learning style and how the environment (and their tutoring experience) can be adapted to maximise outcomes.

  2. When you have concerns about your child’s development and you would like to explore these concerns further so as to understand how to help them and adapt their environment to maximise their development. This could be related to their learning, cognitive, social, emotional and behavioural development.

  3. When your child has a specific difficulty and you would like to learn strategies to help them progress further, such as dyslexia, AD/HD or dyscalculia.

How does the process work?

Following an initial meeting, I will carry out an assessment of your child’s abilities and the current learning environment. This will in turn enhance our understanding of how your child learns best; what they can do to maximise their achievement, and what you and their tutor can do to support them.




The above may take place within one meeting or may involve a more in-depth assessment, which would be tailored according to the situation.
What is the cost of hiring an educational psychologist?

All maintained schools in the UK have a link EP that works directly with schools; you may be able to request that your child sees their school EP. However, this can sometimes prove difficult, as schools may have different priorities.

Tutorfair have tried to make this service more accessible to you so as to make the most of your child’s tutoring experience.

You access my service through any of the following forms:
What has been the proudest moment in your job?

That is a tough one! I don’t have one particular moment… but I feel its the moments where I’ve realised that my involvement has had a positive impact on a young person’s life. It may be on their learning, behaviour or their wellbeing and enjoyment school, and/or learning.

However I do feel a sudden surge of happiness and pride when a parent has turned to me and said “thank you” - thank you for a change that may be insignificant to the whole world but means the world to that family. Ultimately its when I’ve realised that through my involvement (in part or fully) the world of learning has come alive for that young person!

Do you have an amazing hidden talents?

I do! Its an amazing hidden talent of being able to sing off tune – unfortunately for my poor friends and family its not always that hidden!

Stephanie is a D.Ed.Psy, Cpsychol & HCPC registered. To view her profile - please click here

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