How to make a good first impression

August 19, 2019 by Hannah
Image Tutoring can be a tough industry to tackle, which is why we have compiled some of the things we have learnt from our very best tutors over the years, including some top tips from “Supertutor” Mark Maclaine. This blog focuses on how to make a good first impression when you are meeting a client or student.

Making a good first impression is key as this helps it often sets the tone for the relationship that follows.

Be on time

Arriving on time is crucial for the first lesson to make a good first impression!  You should also ensure you are ready to work when the lesson begins.

We understand that there might be unavoidable circumstances that delay your arrival, and in these circumstances you should let the client know as soon as possible. If you are unable to get in touch with the client, you can contact the Tutorfair office and we will try and contact the client on your behalf.

Introduce yourself

When you meet the client, introduce yourself with a smile (not only will the client warm to you, but smiling can improve how you feel).

Once you have been introduced, ask the parent where they would like you to teach. For safeguarding purposes, try to ensure you're not blocking the exit and always leave the door open. It is best to avoid being left alone in the house with the student in the first lesson, as this will put you in a position of full responsibility should any problems arise.

Break the ice

To help get conversation flowing it is good to use some simple icebreakers. Avoid using yes/no questions and keep queries open-ended, although these questions will be dependent on the age of the student.

The aim of the first lesson is to establish the tone for your working relationship - however, don't  worry if your first lesson doesn't go perfectly! Many students will have experienced many different educators already and not necessarily all of these will have been positive experiences. Therefore, it is important to remain patient, and to show kindness and understanding.

This blog is the second in our "How to" series offering expert advice and top tips on how to become a great tutor. For more blogs, visit here. 
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