How to Get into Wellington College

July 23, 2015 by Shannon Cunningham
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Wellington College

Type: Coeducational Day and Boarding School

College Fees:
Boarding: £12,370 per term
Day Fee (in boarding houses): £10,385 per term
Day Fee: £9,040 per term.

Eagle House Fees:
Boarders: £7,640 per term
Day fees:
Pre prep, Reception to Year 2: £3,635 per term
Prep School, Year 3-4 : £5,595 per term
Prep School, Year 5-8: £5,690 per term

Current Head: Julian Thomas

About Wellington College

Wellington College was founded in 1853 in honour of the Duke of Wellington. It started out as a school for orphans of deceased Army officers, then grew to include orphans of all deceased servicemen and servicewomen of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. However, now only a minority are children of military officers. It is considered one of the top coeducational boarding schools in Britain. There are over one thousand pupils attending with the ages ranging from 3-11 and 11-18. They have a unique approach to teaching; their eight aptitudes. This is their belief that every child possesses eight intelligences: Moral, Spiritual, Logical, Linguistic, Physical, Cultural, Social, and Personal.

Why is it so popular?
They give their students the choice of taking either GCSEs or the IB Middle Years Programme. During their Sixth Form, they can choose between A Levels or the IB Diploma. Over the past three years, Wellington IB pupils have average 39.3 points, and made the school the top IB school in the UK. Also, in 2016, over 50% of grades achieved at  A-Level were A* and 85% were A or A*.

The most popular points of entry for both girls and boys are: Year 7, Year 9, and the Sixth Form (Year 12). There is a wide range of entry points, therefore, the criteria that needs to be fulfilled varies accordingly. The criteria for Sixth Form will be based on different things apart from academia.

13+ Entry
It is highly recommended that if you are interested in Wellington for your child that you plan a visit to the school when your child is in Year 5. For 2019 entry, you should register your child before the end of Year 5.

There is a non-refundable fee or £200 to be paid upon registration.

First Step: All candidates sit the ISEB Common Pre-Test which is made up of English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

The exam is made up of Maths and English, with the components of English being a comprehension task (where your child will be required to read a passage and answer questions) and an Essay (based on a topic of their choice).

For those applying for entry in 2019, these tests will be taken in October or November of Year 5.

Second Step:  Successful candidates are invited to attend one of six assessment days in Jan/Feb year 6 . During the assessment day, interviews, mock lessons, and group tasks take place to further evaluate each candidate.

Are there past papers?
No, but visit ISEB's website to download a few sample papers, or buy ISEB practice papers from WH Smith or Amazon.

16+ Entry for Sixth Form
Every year, Wellington accept 40 new sixth form students. A 4 month registration window (June to September) opens about a year before the year of entry to the school. The online registration requires you to make an account and add your child's most recent school reports and submitting a personal statement. The information you provide will be used to create the list  of candidates invited to the first stage of assessment.

The candidates will be invited to an assessment day in mid-November , which will consist of entrance exams, interviews, and group activities. The college will look at predicted GCSE grades. Also, they will have to perform a short written English task. Offers will be made based on the interviews and school reports requested. There may also be a taster day, in which those who have similar interests and are of similar ages will be grouped together. This may take place as a combination along with the interviews.

How do I prepare for these?

The best method of preparing for the interviews is by thinking about what questions could be asked, and practicing Key Stage 3 Maths Science and Modern Languages.

NOTE: No pupils are admitted in year 11 since it is halfway between the GCSE course and the upper sixth form.

Prep School
Eagle House School is the boarding school that works closely with Wellington College. Candidates of all ages are accepted as long as they are old enough to join the nursery. The number of places depend on how much room the school has. The School has a new intake in the nursery every term. Your child can join a term after their third birthday if it falls on or before the 31st December, 31st March, or 31st August. Your child can join at any point in the year as long as there are spaces available. The maximum time a child can spend Nursery is 5 terms. After 5 terms, parents will receive an invitation for their child to attend a taster day the term before they wish to start.

Are there any scholarships available?
Yes, up to 20 scholarships are awarded each year. Students are automatically considered once they have taken the entrance exam.

Key Tips
“For the admissions procedure it is clear that the criteria are different for all sections. I suggest going through some of the ISEB sample papers. These papers may not necessarily be completely the same 'question style' as Wellington's, but they will be very similar!

For the interview, your child needs to demonstrate why they deserve a place at Wellington. The best way to do this is for your child to be themselves and talk about what they do outside the classroom.”

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