How to get into King's College School

August 10, 2016 by Aliya Mrochuk
Image Want to get into King's College School? Here’s our quick guide to King’s College School fees, admissions and exams.

King's College School

Type: Independent day school for boys ages 7 - 18, girls ages 16 - 18

Years 3 - 8: £6,125, per term (£18,375, per annum)
Years 9 - 13: £6,800, per term (£20,400, per annum)
Registration Fee: £150

Current Head of Junior School: Gerard Silverlock  

Current Head: Andrew Halls

About King's College School
King’s College School was founded in 1829 as the junior to King’s College London. Although the school enjoyed immense popularity throughout most of the Victorian era, its population began to shrink as students chose larger and more modern schools in the 1880s. Not to be outdone, King’s moved to its current campus in Wimbledon, where it now educates over 1300 pupils.

“King’s aims to help young people fulfill their ambitions and develop the personal qualities that will serve them well throughout their lives.”

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Why is it so popular?
Although King’s College School demands much from its students, the school is also known for its “scholarly and gentle” approach to academics.

Such an approach clearly benefits the students as well, with 14 pupils receiving a perfect score on their IBs in 2015 (when there are only around 100 perfect scores received across the world!) and 52 pupils leaving for Oxbridge Universities in 2014.

How do I know if King's College School is right for me?
Like most schools, King’s hosts several Open Events throughout the autumn term that allow parents and students alike to experience the school’s culture first hand before making their final admissions decision.

Students who want to get into King’s College School at 7+ - 10+ are encouraged to attend the Open Morning on 10th September 2016 from 9.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. Likewise, the event for students entering at 11+ will be held on 6th October 2016 at 6.00 p.m., and the event for Sixth Form on 14th September at 6.00 p.m.

If your son would like to enter at 13+, you may book a Monday afternoon tour with the Admissions Assistant. Otherwise, feel free to attend any of the Open Events without a booking.    

Admissions Policy
All students applying to King’s must first complete and return their online registration form and the accompanying registration fee.

The registration deadline for students entering at 7+ - 11+ is one year prior to their proposed entry, and the next available entry year is 2017. Students applying at 13+ must register by 30th September 2016 for entry in the next available entry year, 2019. Lastly, students applying to Sixth Form must register by 29th September 2016 for entry in 2017.

For more information, please see King’s Admissions.

What are King's College School interviews and examinations like, and how can I do well?

Boys entering at 7+ - 10+ will begin their examination process by attending an activities day for their age group in December. The day requires no particular preparation, as the activities planned aim to measure your son’s curiosity and personality rather than learned ability. Later that month he will also sit four tests in Listening, English, Reasoning and Maths, as well as a 15 minute interview. The tests vary slightly by difficulty and length according to your son’s age group, so please see King’s specimen papers to prepare.

If your son is entering at 11+ or 13+, he will write three papers in English, Maths, and Verbal Reasoning. If he was successful in his exams, King’s will invite him to interview roughly ten days after his exams. To prepare, it is helpful to review King’s 11+ specimen papers or 13+ pre-test papers.

Finally, students entering Sixth Form will write three initial exams in English, Maths, and a general paper. Student’s candidacy is based on the results of their best two papers, and references from their current school. Similar to the lower forms, if Sixth Form applicants are successful in their exams they will be invited to interview in three of their nominated A Level or IB Level subjects, as well as a general interview. King’s expects no special preparation for these exams, but your child may find it helpful to utilize the number of resource centres available online.

Good luck!
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